What is Shamanic Healing

I’M Whitney Holemans, I’m a spiritual, healer and energy worker and I’d like to talk a little bit today about what shamanic healing is And what is shamanic healing would entail and what it would look like. So, first of all what is shamanic healing Um? Sometimes people hear that term and they don’t really know what it means.

So a shaman is is an actually comes from Siberia, 30 000 years ago, So it’s very, very old healing modality And it means a person who knows or sees a shaman or a medicine person can see between the different worlds.

They can perceive of things that others may not be able to see and they’re used to help heal to help heal people Um. They see things not really positive or negative. They see things as disharmonious If they’re, not in harmony with one another or out of balance. So, who would benefit for the from these healings

I like to think of it as a ripple effect.

So when you are your best true self, then you are your best true self, for your families and for your coworkers, for your community and for the world. So when you are in balance and in harmony and and healthy, then it has a ripple effect on on everything Um. So I think everybody can benefit from from healing from shamanic healing Um. shamanic healing is different from just energy work or energy healing, because it it calls on spirit. So what that means is, is it calls on what you source from and what that means is what you, what nourishes you, what you pull from you know this could be god or source energy

It could be Huda, It could be whatever archangels ascended masters, whatever nourishes your soul. That is that’s what you help and you pull in and helps guide you throughout. You know the the medicine person calls on them to help heal and, and that’s what that is.

So how are these healings achieved? How does this work? How would a shaman or a medicine person do these things?

They have different techniques and different tools that we can talk about. Um different techniques are, if they do a solo retrieval, So a solar retrieval would be used when someone is missing that piece Um when a certain piece of them is missing or hiding or has left. This can happen due to trauma abuse death of a loved one. A soul that’s crossed on severe illness.

So these are things that you lose a little part of your soul’s essence and the the healer can help retrieve that and get that back. Another thing is crystallized energy extraction, So this happens when really heavy dense energy has been stuck in your energetic field. For a long time – and sometimes it’s there so long – We think it’s a part of us, but it’s not and it’s causing some of that imbalance or that disharmony within us. So the medicine person or the shaman can help release that and let that go and help cleanse your your aura, your energy field, your your even past lives,

You can help clean all that out, So you can be the best version of you. Another technique would be a sole contract release.

Sometimes we come in and we have these these contracts or even these beliefs that we we tell ourselves – and these could be from past lives or this life. But it’s something that’s blocking you, So we can go in and release those

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Another thing would be cord or cord cutting or web cutting. This is, if you have an unhealthy attachment to someone something or a place Um, So it causes kind of a dependence, and these can be. These cords can be cut and then that way you aren’t leaking your energy

You aren’t leaking your life force, energy Um. Another technique would be ancestral and weaving

This can be for healing for generations Um past family, tree history. That is not not the best, So some of this could be addictions shames guilts. So you can go in and unweave that So then your generations will be healed.

Um another one would be poor animal uniting, So you can unite with a poor animal, An animal where you can use its medicine. It’S knowledge to help you and and guide you along on your path So of the tools that shamans or medicine people will use are a drum and rattle and they can use this to help help release stuck energy, heavy energy.

Um sound is vibration.

Vibration itself is very, very healing Um. Some more tools that they would use would be rocks and crystals. These have a lot of vibration within themselves too, and they can be used as a magnet to help float anything. That’S that’s toxic or that’s that’s blocked stage in Palo Santo can be burned Um. It says a smudging technique to help clear and cleanse

As is Florida, water Florida water is something else that will be used and also blowing our breath. Our breath is so so powerful. We can move so much energy and help bring in the new energy

Once we’ve created space Um so blowing is, is a very, very common technique. That’S used in a tool, that’s used, but it’s so very important and so very powerful Um. So those are some of the tools and techniques that will be used during the session. So I hope this kind of sheds a little bit of light on what a shamanic healing is and what it could be used for and how it could be benefit you, If you have any questions, please contact me.

Let me know, and I would be happy to assist you Um so just remember you can release recharge and remember your true spirit’s essence. Thank you.

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