What is Reiki?

Hi guys so I’m here to talk to you about reiki today, but I’m going to talk to you about it from my perspective. So since I was very very little basically as young as I can remember, I have felt energy all around me, which I appreciate is quite unusual, but that’s the way it is so even from a very young age. I was aware that when somebody was unwell, my hands would feel really hot and then, if I went and either gave him a massage, that’s kind of what I called it. When I was little go i’ll, give you a massage or massage your head or whatever and put the sparkle back in the right order. Now being a kid, my language wasn’t super around it, but what I was basically feeling is, I was absorbing energy from the universe, not just channeling it from above, which is how lots of people imagine it, but actually absorbing more life, energy and more universal energy than My little body needed so then lots of it was just emanating off me and when somebody’s ill or they’re unwell and whether that’s unwell in a physical way or unwell in an emotional way, it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

What happens? It’S my hands get hot and then the person begins to feel better. Now the bit in between that happens that I feel because I feel energy like textures. So it might be that to me something feel free to Jaggy or that it feels numpy and wavy, or it could feel like there’s pressure and right at the very very end of every treatment. It was still soft and silky, which is my favorite part, and now what I wanted to talk to you about was the in-betweeny bit the bit between when my hands get hot and then people begin to feel better because that’s quite a complicated process that I’d argue Is different for every single person I see, because everybody’s energy system is slightly different because we’re in a different position in life or we’re dealing with different things, but as a general rule, everybody when people come to see me, they lie down on a therapy table and They remain fully clothed and I place my hands very, very gently on their head, their shoulders, their solar plexus, the sacral chakra, the hips, their needs and their feet, and then I work hands off as well and what’s really happening during that period of time, is the Universal energy that are flooding through me is super super fast you’ve got to imagine it like the little sparkles are just moving really really fast like having a bit of party and when somebody’s energy body isn’t in tip-top shape it’s kind of slow a little bit like Watching the TV and being like, oh, I can’t be bothered to do anything so this universal energy comes rushing in and it’s like, hey, let’s have a party and the kind of encourages the slow energies get up off the sofa and start having a bit more fun And I talked about it like that, because it’s kind of how it feels, but really what it is, is a process of remembering remembering the natural speed that everybody’s energy is supposed to move at.

And then what happens is as we get towards the end of a treatment. That’S when all the little energies are moving at the same speed and the whole body harmonizes, and it’s like this beautiful thing that happens the whole way through the energy body and that’s kind of the best way. I can describe what I feel and I hope that that helps explain a little bit more about what reiki is or what it’s like to come for a healing session with me. Oh there’s, one more thing. I should tell you about that.

I always tell my clients at the very end of the treatment, which is that for some reason – and I do not know why – for at least 72 hours but up to about a week and a half. And if I bump into that same person. Or I see them again and I feel their energy it feels like I’m still working in their energy. I don’t know how to explain that apart from to say it like that and I’m sure I’m not like I’m not consciously thinking of them, i’m not i’m not doing anything deliberately it’s just that their energy is still at that beautiful awesome, fast speed, so what’s happening Is that the you’re, the person, the clients, energy body, is maintaining that Universal speed for consistent amount of time as if I’m still present giving them healing? So if somebody comes for treatment, it might be that they start to feel better within half an hour.

It might be that they start to feel some one kind of improvement over a few days and it’s hard to kind of gauge it, because that becomes four different thing. But one of my clients quite often comes to see me when she’s looking to get her happy back. That’S what she calls it and it’s just. We do an awful lot of work on her head energy, but it’s one of those things that has a long lasting impact, but it depends on the person to depend how long that takes, because some little bit like after a period of time, life just kind of Gets on top of you again and your end, users like a large and just gon na sit down. What’S on TV for a while, so the best way I can describe it, and just so you guys know I do an awful lot of self-healing.

So it’s not like I’m just wandering around every single day feeling super awesome with my energy super crazy sparkly and the less I do the work. So I have to give my self healing too, and I have to look after my own energy as well, and if you have any other questions, please for welcome to you send me a message. I’M always happy to answer questions please remember to Like comment and subscribe and let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever had any reiki I’d, be really interested to know.


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