What Is Energy Medicine, What Is Energy. Who Is Energy Healing For?

Hello, my name is Nicola. Welcome to my energy medicine channel. Thank you so much for watching and please subscribe and hit the bell icon to stay updated. Every time I post a new video. I want to start by answering a few questions and then introducing myself question number one: what is energy medicine?

It’S a way to communicate with your body in its own language. It’S everything that you need to empower yourself in relation to your health and wellness. It’S a way to support physical and emotional issues, really energy medicine combines ancient healing practices, the art of ancient healing spiritual traditions and contemporary scientific understanding of Health and healing it’s all about self-healing. It’S about active participation and responsibility. Question number: two: what is energy good question?

Any physics textbook will tell you that energy is the capacity to do work. Energy is always carried by something usually in the form of movements and examples of different types of energy. Energy comes in different forms would be solar, energy, thermal chemical, nuclear electrical electromagnetic motion also known as kinetic energy. Those are just some examples so now in relation to the body, let’s think about the invisible processes that are happening right now in terms of energy, there are dynamic patterns of chuckle, electromagnetic and subtle energy systems that are moving in specific ways in and around our bodies. For example, the heart is the largest electrical generator of the body, and that creates an electromagnetic field that can be measured by scientific instruments, several feet away from the body.

So that’s an example of measurable energy within the body now. Imagine if you could see that with your own eyes, energy medicine is about working with these types of energy within your body, electrical electromagnetic and subtle energies. It’S about harnessing these energies, it’s about helping them spiral, stream, weave and criss cross in a way that supports your vibrancy and life. Imagine this energy flowing through your body. In the same way, electricity is made in a power station and going out to homes to bring light and power.

A power station doesn’t have energy, it generates energy. You are the generator. You are the power station question number three: who is it for? Firstly, everybody. Do you ever think, I feel sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

That was me, or maybe you have a specific health issue, whether it be chronic, major or minor and you’re. Looking for a way to support that yourself. That was also me. Are you looking to feel balanced, centered grounded able to take on life with ease, maybe you’re thinking I want to get in the flow with my energy, or are you interested in peak performance, energy medicine is for all of those things. Modern life moves at such a fast pace, and this really puts demands on our bodies, but we may not necessarily be effectively evolved, for it creates chemical reactions like adrenaline and cortisol when the fight-or-flight response goes off in our everyday life and let alone when those major Life challenges hit the key things with energy medicine is that you are not the patient.

Your energy is the patient. It’S about working with that energy and our main tools are our own energies and using our hands. Your energy can be Repat, earned for health and vitality. It is possible, and last but not least, Who am I I am Nicola Barnett and I have been interested in working with many types of what can be called energy medicine over the last eight years. That includes things like Qigong yoga breath, work meditation, that’s still a work in progress, five years in the Amazon jungle, working with the Shipibo tribe backwards and forwards with them, and now I’m so delighted to say that I have spent the past couple of years.

Training with Eden energy medicine developed by the incredible healer Donna Eden and her husband, clinical psychologist, David Feinstein, I am continuing to do so as part of their practitioner training program and I have to say it has been truly life-changing and certainly intensive. Personally, I have had various health complications, autoimmune issues, food intolerances, insomnia, skin issues generally in a right old pickle and have been looking at how I can empower myself to dig my way out of that and now being 38, I do energy medicine every day. I feel very centered, most of the time and super enthusiastic about life. I am NOT a medical professional and this is not designed to replace your conventional medical care, but what I can tell you is that energy medicine is a way to greatly support your mind body and soul, and it could just change your life like magic. My intention is to help you raise your vibration one day at a time.

Thank you so much for watching if you’re curious, to know more, please subscribe and hit the bell to stay, updated and get notified every time I post a new video. I am about to release a mini series on energy medicine and grounding like if you like, please share with anyone. You know who may be interested and I would love to hear from you your experiences with energy medicine, anything that you’re looking for comments and questions below and let’s go on a journey together.

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