What is an energetic cord? What is a cord cutting? Empath Secrets Revealed with Alicia McBride

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Hi. I’m Alicia McBride, empathic author and healer. Welcome to another episode of Empath Secrets Revealed where about being sensitive, feeling too much, and having metaphysical experiences. So, today, we’re going to answer the questions, what is an energetic cord and what is a cord cutting? Um so, have you ever felt unusually attached to someone?

Or do you constantly receive energetic information about a person, place, or object? So, this is the work of an energetic cord or an etheric cord. Every time that you interact with someone online or in person, you create an energetic connection with them. An etheric cord that runs from you to them. So, like an empath you often end up in the grocery store talking to a stranger.

And the stranger probably reveals half their life to you. Um because that happens. And that’s totally normal. So while you’re talking with them you create a cord with them. Uh a connection with them.

So and that cord runs from you to them.

And depending on your level of interaction will tell you how large the cord is. So like someone, you know, let’s say you’re still in the grocery store and you look at someone and you smile at them and they smile at you and you make, you know, eye contact. Um you create a very temporary cord. It probably is gone by the time you leave the grocery store unless there is something more unless there is something more to that eye contact and smile.

Um unless there is something more there, that cord is probably gone by the time you leave the grocery store. Um but the person that talk to in the grocery store and told you, you know, she went on and on and told you half her life story and how many kids she has and her dog died and you know, her husband left her like 10 years ago and she’s still really sad about it and you know, whatever, whatever.

That happens. Um so, that person you create, a slightly larger cord width. It’s a it’s a a little bit more of a connection.

It’s a larger cord. Um that that connection probably isn’t going to be gone by the time that you leave a grocery store. That’ll stick around a little bit. Um another type another example is again, let’s stick with the grocery store theme here. Um let’s say you go into the grocery store and you feel the energy in the room and you feel that it’s really yucky.

Like, it’s gross. Um and it it feels heavy and your your energy is reaching out and like connecting to the energy of this room.

And the more you concentrate on it, the more you focus on it, the more you connect with it. So, that’s a good lesson for life too. Where you put your attention matters, okay?

So, if you’re constantly focusing on that like yucky feeling in the grocery store, that negative energy, you’re creating a cord between you and that gross feeling energy in the store and you’re connecting with it and it that connection is getting stronger.

The more you think about it, the more you maybe you’re like obsessing about it now. Um and that’s all you can think about in the store. Like you’re you’re frantically grabbing items because you just want to get out of the store. You’re really focused on it.

You’re you are creating a larger cord, a larger connection between you and that gross energy in the store. Don’t do that. Don’t do that. Um so and and then you can also create energetic cords to objects. Like it so an example just randomly popped into my head.

Lord of the Rings. Um how creepy Gollum guy was like obsessed over the ring. Was this precious? Um and he was like obsessed over the ring. And that he really created a strong energetic core between him and this object.

That he was obsess over. Also, you know, it was evil possessed by evil and you know, whatever, whatever. Um But so he created this really strong energetic cord. And you can do that too with another object. Like if there’s you know, if, like, let’s say you have a favorite flower base.

Um, and you absolutely love this flower vase and you think about it. And you, you know, you put flowers in it constantly. It refreshes your room and every time you come in the room, you look at this flower vase and you think how pretty this is.

You’re creating a cord between you and the object, between you and the space. Um, so, You can create cords that tie you to everything, anything, anyone.

Um I I always joke celebrities have a lot of energetic cords running to them because people think about celebrities a lot. They’re in the news. You know, they’re on TV. You see them in movies. You see them everywhere.

So, people think about them all the time and when you think about someone, you create an energetic cord between you and them. An etheric cord, a connection between you and them. So, celebrities need to do a lot of grounding and protecting because an energetic cord cutting because they need to get rid of all all of us that are thinking about them all the time. Um so, anyway, if even if you’re not a celebrity and you’re thinking about someone, you create a connection with them.

So, what do you do once you’ve established that connection?

You don’t want to keep that, right? Be because when you like let’s go back to the example of the woman in the grocery store who shared half her life with you and you now feel a little bit connected to her. Um you don’t want to keep that because you will start to feel her emotions and you’ll start to feel things from her energy from her. And if you’re if your psychic senses are open you could receive information about her. Um and maybe that’s not what you want.

No thanks. So, if you don’t want that, you either have to cut the cord. Um, like, I work with a lot of people and I work with people one on one and I always cut the cord afterwards, because we create, I create a strong connection with someone to, you know, receive information about you, and to help you with, you know, whatever it is that you want to work on, I create a connection with you and I don’t want to keep that because I’m going to receive information about you afterwards and first of all, it’s it’s private like you you you know, you need to stay in your private life.

Um I don’t need to be receiving psychic information about you all the time. So, I will cut the cord once we are finished so that I do not continue to receive information.

Um and also so I don’t feel your emotions. Um but and that’s what you that’s what you do with everyone that you connect with. So an energetic cord cutting is really important. Um and I’m going to say it’s a little controversial at sometimes. Um some people think that energetic cord cuttings are like bad or not helpful.

Um I I disagree. I think energetic core cuttings are very helpful and I think if you do them with love, with the intention of love Um that’s necessary. I think if you set the intention that you lovingly cut this cord between the two of you or between you and the object or between you and the vibe of the room or you know between you and whatever. Um as long as you’re coming from a place of love it’s very helpful. Um if you come from a place of anger, That’s not going to be as helpful and it’s not going to be it’s not going to work as well and you’re going to feel gross like that person is going to is going to feel it and they’re not going to understand what they’re feeling especially because they have no idea you’re cutting.

They probably don’t even know what an energetic cord is. Or an etheric cord. You know they probably have absolutely no idea. Um you know what you’re doing. Uh so they’re probably going to feel it.

And especially if it’s coming from anger from you. That’s not a good thing So, if you come from a place of love, I think it’s very helpful Uh do not come from a place of anger. Just don’t do it.

If you’re, if you’re mad or if you’re upset, now is not the time to cut the cord Or if you are mad or upset, tone it down, reach from that place of love, and cut the cord with love. not from anger.

What is an energetic cord? What is a cord cutting? Empath Secrets Revealed with Alicia McBride

So, I actually have a visualization on YouTube that will walk you through how to cut the cord. Um it’s currently my most watched video. Uh very popular. Um thank you if you’ve already seen it. Um so, but I’ll I’ll very briefly go over what is a cord cutting.

So, a cord cutting like energetically cuts the cord between you and another person, place, object, thing, whatever.

Um and it disconnects you. So you have, you’re constantly being bombarded with energy and you’re constantly making connections Um you can generically just kind of go through and you know, like take, imagine a sword, take a sword, take it all around your body and just cut all the cords around you. You can do that kind of generically. Um you can cut the cords specifically between you and one other person.

So, you would imagine yourself and you would imagine them and you would imagine the cord coming between you and then can the cord depending on how deep your connection is. Um the cord may be small or maybe very large. So, if the chord is very large, you would want to use a very large object like a machete. To cut the cord or if the cord is very small, like the woman in the grocery store who shared her half half her life with you. Maybe you just use scissors to cut that cord.

Because it’s small. You just need scissors. Um so or maybe you’re really into weapons. And you use a gigantic hacks. I don’t know or flamethrower.

Be creative. Um I know you’re creative. You’re an empath or sensitive person. You’re creative. Um so really get into whatever it is that you’re visualizing here.

Um yourself permission to be creative and get into it and the the the better the the or the more realistic your imagination is.

Um the better it will feel. And the more real it will feel. And the better it will work. If that makes sense.

Um so get into it. Get into your imagination. Imagine that cord. And come from a place of love as you cut the cord. And gently send the rest of the cord and the energy back to them.

And I would do a grounded protect. Visualization. Um for myself afterwards. You can do that too. Uh it’s very helpful.

But so you’re cutting cord with love. You’re sending it back with love. you’re keeping your own energy, and you’re sending theirs away. Um so, there there is one little caution I would advise Um so, I would advise against a cord cutting with your kids. Um I do have another technique like an alternate technique to use.

Um if you so, I have young kids and when they were when they were even younger and toddlers, they drove me nuts.

Well, kids still drive me nuts but That’s what happens. That’s life. Um so I was very tempted to cut the cord between me and my kids and it just didn’t feel quite right. So I actually found another technique to use instead of a cord cutting.

You can think about a light switch. So, or or like a gigantic on off switch. Again, depending on the size of the cord and the strength of which you want. The strength that you want to deal with. Is it a little light switch?

Or is it a gigantic on off flip switch? It’s a you Um but that’s the technique.

So you imagine yourself and and you know, you visualize yourself, you visualize your children and the the cord that that ties you to together and you just flip a little switch. Like, maybe you hit a button, maybe it’s a little switch, like a pause. So, you know what?

I just, I need a little space and I can’t handle anymore of your energy right now and I don’t want anymore information but I don’t want to don’t want to cut the cord that connects us.

So, I’m just going to pause it. I’m just going to turn it off for a little bit. And that’s okay. That’s actually setting a really healthy boundary between you and your kids.

And that’s going to feel good. Um and again you’re doing it with love. You’re not doing it out of anger or resentment or whatever else. Um you’re doing it out of love and you’re just pausing it. You just say hey I need a minute.

and again, this is a really healthy boundary, okay? Um I also, I think cord cuttings in general are healthy or is is a good way to set healthy boundaries too. Um I’m going to talk some point at some point. Um on another episode about how to set healthy boundaries but cord cutting, I believe is a is a good way to set healthy boundaries between you and other people. Um so, if you don’t want to cut the cord, like fully cut the cord, you can just pause it with the light switch or an on-off switch or button or whatever you want to visualize.

Just pause it. Um so that’s a good technique you can use. So, back to the cord cuttings. Depending on how attached the cord is like maybe it’s a gigantic chord between you and a and an X. Um and you’re you know you’re trying to get rid of all of the feelings about them.

Not get rid of. But you’re trying to help yourself process through all the feelings.

Uh between you and your ex. A cord cutting will help. And you may need to do it a few times.

So may not, it may not work fully the first time. You’re definitely going to feel relief each time. Absolutely. You will feel relief each time. Um but you you may need to do it a few times over and over again over the course of you know days, weeks, months depending on how big the cord is and how how attached you are to them.

Um but it will again a cord cutting will certainly help you set healthy boundaries and it will certainly help you process through whatever feelings and our emotions that are coming up about this person that you’re connected to. So, today, we answered what is an energetic cord and what is a cord cutting? So, I hope that was helpful for you.

Um that was a question that somebody in the beginner empath group asked. So, thank you very much for asking.

Um I hope that completely answered your questions. Um again, thank you so much for being here. Um if you would like your question answered in the future, please comment on this original video and I’ll be happy to answer it in one of my live live episodes. Um again, name is Alicia McBride. You can find me at Healing Light Empath.

com And if you want to stay in touch with me, you can sign up for my nourishing newsletter providing you with exciting information and heartfelt check-ins through the link in the comments or the description of this video.

So, this is my empath effect. Remember, be sensitive, be kind, be real, and be you. Thanks for watching. Thanks so much for being here today.

Bye for now.

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