What Are The Benefits Of Qigong ?

What are the benefits of Qigong You can find out from this Video. My name’s Brother Insight Welcome everyone, So Many of you want to know about the benefits of Qigong

Qigong practice You want to apply qigong every day and you want to know about the benefits. The first benefit of qigong is to Keep Balance, For example, the mind and body The Mind and body are always together right.

Left and Right So balance, it means balancing Yin and Yang, ok, The Left and right, the Yin and Yang. So You can find out balancing during the time that you enjoy qigong to keep the energy balance.

Because, sometimes You feel too cold and you get cold, ok and too hot in the Body you get fever. So that’s why? The way that you do Exercise every day to heating up your Body, to keep your body warm and that’s. Why heal a lots of disease and make yourself feel great

And the second is to make the energy flows the Qi flows, The Qi that I’ve just shared with you, the energy, the internal energy, the vitality flowing very well, Because sometimes we have a blockage. The blockage in the Body,

We are so busy and so stressful becuae we’re thinking too much Right. That’S why sometimes you feel painful and tensions from your body and the blockage You block the Qi.

Your body, your muscles, are not like flowing good

You feel pain So during the exercise of qigong, helps you to open that blockage and to feel good to make the flow to make your body your energy flowing good, your blood, your Qi flowing good again. Ok Through the exercise, for example, you do the massage qigong movements, you do. The blood cleanse qigong right,

Help you to make the blood and the qi flowing good When you do qigong exercise, often and regularly help you to make the flow energy energy flowing good again, the vitality, the blood flowing good again, Especially Qi flowing good again, And the third is …

There are 3 elements, Let’s say the Body the mind and the spirit together. Three, this elements you can find that during the time you do qigong exercise, you can bring those 3 elements harmoniously together to generate the nourishment and healing for yourself, For example, during the time that I do sitting meditation, I feel so calm.

When my body’s so calm right and when I do kind of relaxing lying down, relaxing and my breathing’s very slow and calm and very deep in that way,

I feel my body relaxed and the same time that I can bring my Mind back to the Body. For Example, I do this movement. I feel that my breathing slow down I’m aware of my breathing, But the same time that I can bring my mind back to the Body right. So, the time that I do Qigong Exercise, I can feel the Benefits from the Mind, Calm Body Relaxed and the same time, spiritual, The Spirit Strong in my body and my mind.

The moment that I can focus and the moment that I can concentrate in the presence moment,

I don’t think too much, and then I don’t make my mind run away from this moment. The moment that I feel so happy and so peaceful So Body, Mind and Spirit come together harmoniously to cultivate the nourishments peace and happiness, And the Fourth is

What Are The Benefits Of Qigong ?

..During the Qigong Exercise, I can heal a lots of Disease and Sickness Because the more I relax, the more I heal my mind and body you can find out with a lot exercise: qigong routine

For example, The eight movement Shaolin Qigong Baduanjin and also the blood cleanse qigong and 10 Fingers massage movements. I can heal and strengthen my internal organs. Ok, Especially Strengthen and heal the internal organs Regularly. I do qigong exercise. I can heal my body my sickness, For example, my digest system Immunity system,

I can improve my health As long as I improve my health improve my immune systems. I have more capacity to heal my disease and sickness right, Strengthen my internal organs, my Heart, my Lungs, my Stomach, my Spleen, my Kidney and my Liver right. I can balance my internal organs and then I can heal the sickness and diseases

And the next also is

.., you can improve your strength of your muscles. You can make your muscles stronger. Also your mind stronger the same time, So Qigong can help you to improve your Muscles and the strength of your body. Yeah, a lots of benefits.

You during the time to practice qigong you can have a lots of benefits. Ok, Especially, I feel more relaxed, yeah, relaxing and healing always come together.

Just I Love it. Just Love Qigong

Because the more I do qigong, I feel more relaxed and released tensions and stress, And as long as I Relax my body and my mind, I can heal a lots of disease already. I can heal a lot of sickness already, So That’s it for today, and hopefully this short Video can help you to know about some benefits of qigong exercise.

And actually, you can find out more about the other videos about “ The Art of Qigong Meditation” that you may learn more about the way that I practice qigong and meditation together to improve my health, but also to make my body and my mind peaceful, Cultivate. The health is very important for your life, So thank you so much for joining us today And hopefully yo enjoy it, and you get some thing from this video to apply. So let us enjoy one deep, in-breath and out-breath together, Inhale

.Bring the mind back to the body: … exhale

..You feel relaxed and you feel at ease in the present moment. You may try to breathe in and out with me, by put your 2 palms together on your lower abdomen.

The moment that you just breathe in and out through your nose and then you feel the rising and falling of your abdomen and you feel great, feel relaxed.

And you can feel peaceful right away in the present moment right So through the qigong exercise, the breathing movements. You can bring your mind back to the body to feel balance, to feel your body, your mind and your spirit, peaceful and happy and relaxed. So thank you. So much again for watching and listening and also enjoying video together,

And hopefully see you with the next video

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