Using shamanic breathwork to heal yourself

Hi my name’s Justin Brown, and in about 90 seconds from now, I’m going to share with you an incredibly powerful secret to healing that i’ve recently learned The shamans have known of this secret for tens of thousands of years and they’ve been teaching it to people that Have come to them to learn how to align their body with their deeper nature. The secret is that your body has the potential to heal itself. It knows how to heal itself. It has a deeper instinctive intelligence and when you can build a pathway to that instinctive intelligence, then you can realign your cells, your organs and your body around this deeper instinct that you’ve got and the shamans know how to build those pathways to access this deeper instinctive Intelligence,

I know this because I’ve learned this from the shaman Rud Iand He’s a very close friend of mine. I’Ve been studying alongside him for over six years now and the theme that unites everything he does is around this primordial architecture of your being or you might call it the natural wisdom of your body or your body’s instinctive intelligence.

You may use different words to describe this, but it’s the same thing and that’s what the guided meditation that you’ve got access to right near this video. If you put your email address in that’s what this guided meditation is all about. It’S completely free, it’s by Rud Iand and he’s going to take you on a journey to access this deeper instinctive intelligence that you already have right now. If you can just build this pathway to access your deeper instinctive intelligence, you can awaken your body’s potential for healing, but before you go ahead and put your email address in, I wanted to share my own thoughts about why this is so powerful because for me, by Learning some of the background to this meditation. It made it so much more powerful

You can use this knowledge. You can build this pathway to enhance your body’s potential for healing and that’s an incredible purpose to go in and align with your deeper instinctive intelligence. But when you connect with this natural wisdom of your body, you see benefits across all areas of your life. …. You can improve your charisma, your personal power, your self-confidence. You can align yourself with the goals that you want to achieve in life. You can achieve anything that comes from this deeper aspect of your being

.., you can live life with so much vitality, so much purpose, so much passion so much zest for life. I’M on this journey at the moment, I’m not someone who has arrived at any particular point of figuring any of this out but being on this journey has made all of the difference to me.

And that’s why I’m so excited that you’re here watching this video and hopefully about to share your email address to get access to this guided meditation Now. The important thing to know is that this guided meditation is using the power of your breath to access your deeper instinctive intelligence.

Using shamanic breathwork to heal yourself

I’M at the very beginning of this journey because Rud Iand has just put together this shamanic breath work workshop on Ideapod. It’S called Ybytu For 28 years now, Rud Iand has been a shaman he’s, been helping thousands of people from all over the world and he’s been refining his approach to breath. Work to gain access to this primordial architecture of your being

Now to describe what that really is for me when i’ve heard Rud describe it and you’ll hear it in his own words in this guided meditation …. For me, what makes it really powerful is knowing that our breathing sits at the intersection of the conscious and the subconscious. It sits at the intersection of what is voluntary in our life and what is involuntary, because our breathing is something that we can consciously do.


We can manipulate it, we can use it to access different parts of our body and yet, when we forget about our breath, it happens automatically. It’S always there. It’S always bringing life from outside us in we’re, transforming our breath inside our body and then we’re sharing it back out with the atmosphere and that’s what connects us in the web of life with everything and everyone all around us. It’S a very beautiful thing. So when you put your email address in and when you access this 20 minute guided meditation, I would love for you to know that the power of your breath is incredibly profound.

After you go through and you access this guided meditation, I’m going to share with you an article that Rud Iand has written to share his deeper meaning and purpose behind creating Ybytu the shamanic breath work workshop and also why breath work is such a powerful modality for Accessing this deeper instinctive nature of your being so I really hope that you get a lot out of this guided meditation from Rud. If you share your email address below we’re going to email it to you right away, so go to your email inbox. If you can’t see the email make sure you check your spam folder, because sometimes these emails do go there, you just have to click on a link and then the meditation will appear and I recommend getting some good headphones if you’ve got them. But if you don’t, that will be entirely okay, you’ll be able to listen from your laptop or your mobile phone, and I really wish you all the best in this journey, I’m at the very beginning of embracing breath work. I am incredibly excited about it. I can see the potential that it’s got for helping me to really align with my own deeper nature, and I hope it’s going to be the same for you and I look forward to getting your feedback on what you think of this guided meditation.

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