Twin flame healing and the appearance process are extremely sacred. When meeting your Twin flame, it is magical. They immediately realize that there is a bond that cannot be broken and that there will never be another that can replace their divine partner. Typically, you will feel a “this feels familiar” feeling, so intense that it makes you wonder what is truly happening. While both can feel this energy together, it will make them wonder if there is a reason, a divine justification for why they were united in the holy association. Twin Flame healing is intended to uncover the inner depths of your reality, assisting them in recognizing themselves by working on specific areas so they can connect on a higher frequency in their spiritual path. Twin flames are a reflection of ourselves. There may be times when you are going through Twin flame healing that they can be incredibly sensitive, dramatic, and really irritable to be around. This is reflecting the subtle part within yourself. Twin flames have unconditional love for each other. Their energies reflect and mirror all that they feel inside. They can tap into one another and respond to messages. This is generally referred to as psychic communication. They are sending you messages on what is reflected right back to you and should be dealt with. When there is ego, sometimes it makes it difficult to find the hidden depths of what needs to be released and renewed with light. Unconditional Twin flame love is a partnership that cannot be broken. The Twin flame connection is revealing the deepest parts of love within you. What happens if my Twin flame is separated or has blockages?

“It’s principally because they are both stubborn that they need to deal with themselves more profoundly to end up at a higher frequency. Like a person not knowing how to swim and plunging into the water, they should first relax and get in sync with the rhythm of the water. The Twin Flame mirror reflects both positive and negative energies of you. Here and there, things can be hidden and neglected; now is the time to let go and start anew. Twin Flames heal as they understand that they are each other’s mirror. This is the only time Twin Flames can find happiness and fulfillment with each other, as they both heal themselves and understand that they must change and evolve through their inner selves. The two Twins must be healed to awaken and come to a Divine Union. Sprinters and Chasers have become a very popular topic in the Twin Flame community. When there is separation, the Sprinter and Chaser stages begin. Making one twin run based on what is being reflected to them by the Chaser, who is trying to find themselves within another person. Codependency and Sprinters can be a conflict with living as one. Not that anyone is dependent on anyone, this is a term used (similar to the Chaser). This is because one twin is awake, and they can see the reflection of themselves and will explore further. The Sprinter is scared and doesn’t know how to handle it. They end up running in a direction that they become derailed. Both Sprinter and Chaser stages can be easily reversed too. The Sprinter is hiding. The Sprinter stage is turning away from themselves, and they can’t see their inner truth because they are too afraid.”

This is fundamentally a result of issues that were not mended as expected. Healing takes time. I know many individuals who could do without hearing that healing can take some time before they truly come together. Twin flames go through an up-and-down ride of emotions. Often, they don’t realize that they are hurting themselves by distancing themselves. As the healing process occurs, they are both healing each other at the same time. Their love is genuine, they complete each other, and your twin is your person.

Twin flame healing process: Each twin should heal themselves individually and recognize what they need to release. Your twin flame is the deepest part of the love within you. Embrace what you feel in your heart, whether your twin is with you or separated. Assist each other by identifying the energies that need to be released. Recognize weaknesses to heal yourself as you heal your twin. This will help with deep enlightenment and awakening to occur.

TWIN FLAMES: CUTTING CORDS – IS IT POSSIBLE? Cutting cords from your divine partner? Cutting cords from a Twin flame or Perfect partner? This is something that has been attempted many times, but nobody was truly successful. When it comes to a true Twin flame connection, it is impossible to disconnect and cut ties. In fact, it can make things much more difficult and complicated. Also, if this was not a true Twin but a Karmic (which can mirror Twin flame energy), it is something that you cannot simply disconnect from because there is a reason you are with the karmic connection. Cutting the Twin flame ties would actually not be successful. Cutting the ties from your Twin flame is like cutting the other half of your soul off.

A karmic association is someone who is brought to assist you in carrying out the energy that needs to be released and healed. So, either way, this is all important for your spiritual process to find true love and happiness in your life, even if it is with someone else. Sentiments and emotions are powerful. Cutting cords can feel better temporarily, but this can last for only a day, sometimes even a month. However, sometimes the energy returns right from your Twin, and you might feel it much stronger than before, especially if you are in separation. The Twin flame soul journey is about coming together while helping each other to become stronger, to help each other achieve something for everyone’s benefit. Cutting cords with this association is not the answer; it will create more disturbance and anxiety in the long run.

The separation occurs when they are both finding inner truth to understand what they want in their lives. Although you might say you are ready, they are not yet; both are not ready. This all comes down to both of you working on yourselves, releasing anything that no longer serves you, and awakening your inner truth. The separation sometimes lasts longer than others, depending on what they need to release and heal from old past wounds.

When you try to disconnect or cut off completely, this will create a feeling of depletion and anxiety, sometimes creating a panic mode feeling. However, instead, try to understand the situation better by working on what you know inside and allowing the healing process to begin as you both tune into each other energetically. Spirituality will help raise your vibration and connect with your higher self.

This is a piece of genuine groundbreaking strategy that is heavenly and assists with healing and showing divine association. Twin flames serve a more profound purpose. As twin flames come together and discover that there is more between them than just serving themselves, they become a powerful couple. This helps them address their flaws and find a new balance between harmony and love. Twin flames need to work on themselves while working with each other, releasing and letting go of excess baggage. Taking care of oneself is important, and while a spiritual or mystic soul mentor can help guide you, it is ultimately your responsibility to do the work and make necessary changes. It is wise to become more spiritual and listen to your intuition to rise to a higher level and connect with your twin flame. Meditation for healing is essential and should be practiced daily to relax and elevate your soul. Additionally, focusing on self-esteem can help elevate your spirit.

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