Robert Peng: What is Qigong?

So what is qigong Good good question, ( laughing )? What is qigong (, relaxing music ) Well to make it simple. Qigong is energy cultivation, energy cultivation where qi is a word to describe the most essential elements of the beings? In other words, everything is qi.

Qi is energy Now the modern science, actually, especially quantum physics, are really reaching to explaining what qi is now Quantum science is talking about. Particles and vibrations Between our space is not nothing So qi is this most essential part of the energy that make us as who we are

Qigong is the work that make you three dantians energy centers working together, So we have three energy centers One is inside your head. We call it upper dantian Here: middle dantian,

Then, in the lower torso called lower, dantian Dan means elixir. Tian means field Elixir field, three of them. This one is associated with our wisdom. So when you are developed here, you are wise and intelligent, and you can see things in the past see things in the future.

Clairvoyance And when it’s blocked, you feel very confused, always making wrong things. Do things wrong, Then the middle one is is associated with emotions and feelings, loving qi When it’s strong and healthy, you are compassionate. It’S like you, have a Buddha heart.

Robert Peng: What is Qigong?

When it’s weak, that Buddha heart becomes a fragile glass heart or it’s broken, You always feel like the victim of something Someone sneeze beside you, “ Whoa, what’s wrong “, Why do you sneeze ?”? You just find the ways to make you feel miserable.

The lower dantian, your are vital, like a juicy fruit, always radiate with beautiful qi. The thing is, they can be not harmonized, Some are more developed, Some are less, then you as a whole. You suffer like. If you have developed, upper dantian and middle dantian are weak. Then, no matter how successful your business is, you are miserable depressed.

Or if you middle dantian are developed here is not so well, then you always make the wrong decisions, no matter how good wishes you have

So ( laughs ). What is qigong Qigong is the energy work. We may have good days. We may have bad days, But if you practice at qigong every day, every day can be be a good day.

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