Poking your finger for neck and shoulder pain relief?? | Step by Step Guide to BHP Energy Healing

Hi everyone and welcome to another episode of Brain Education TV. Today I’m gonna be talking about BHP Energy Healing. So maybe you guys have seen the video already I’ll link it below we made a video that describes BHP Energy Healing but today a lot of you have been asking me, “How can I do BHP Energy Healing?” so I’ve invited Dami Kim to show us a demonstration of how to do BHP Energy Healing. Hi Dami.

– Hello. Thank you for having me. It’s her big YouTube debut. Oh! Thank you.

So, in a nutshell BHP Energy Healing is using the nail beds of your fingers and toes to release tension in your body. and today for example we’re gonna show you how to press down on different points in your fingers that connect with your neck and shoulders.

A lot of people have neck and shoulder pain so I think this is gonna be a good one for people who maybe you get massages but it still doesn’t feel quite right. Try this! It could really change your life.

OK Dami – OK. I’m ready. OK. So everybody has neck and shoulder pain when you have a lot of stress. So this one will be taking only a few minutes to release neck and shoulder pain but let’s see how you are first about how tense you are in your shoulder and neck.

Let’s see how’s Linda! Oh no, my tension is gonna be revealed. Oh…

did you get a lot of stress today? Lots of stress! Every day is stress. All right then I see so turn your neck to the left and see how tense your necks are neck left and right side and the other way and see the angles also see the tension balls.


So should people who are watching this video try this too? Yes please do together so you can see your tension. So you can do right away right now. So OK how tense your neck and shoulder? Neck first.

How’s your neck? I feel like this side is more tight. OK good. Now this time let’s see your shoulder tension. Lift the left arm and go up as far as you can and you can see the angles how much you can go further back.

It shows range of motion shows you how how flexible your shoulders, how tense your shoulder muscles are. OK now down. The other arm up and see. Great. Alright.

Down. So today we’re gonna work on points in your fingers which is the middle finger and index finger. Two fingers. So I’m right hand dominant. Is that why my right side is more tight?

It could be, yes.

Or you carry a lot of things on the right side. Your habit is carrying more things there. That’s true. I wear my bag on my right side.

Also you use a computer all the time. That’s true. Mouse. Yeah I do everything with my right hand. Video editing everyday so much stress on your shoulders.

I understand. I watch her everyday. So we’re gonna work on your finger so this is self a healing technique everybody pick up something like this pointed, sharp one.

It could be ball point pen that’s fine too which is a sharp here. Or if you have chopsticks at home either metal or wooden things.

Either way it’s fine. So if you guys are interested this that we have here Dami and I both have this is the BHP finder. So we sell this on the Change Your Energy shop if you’re interested I’ll put a link in the description below. This is the best tool out of the pen and the chopsticks that I’ve seen to find the BHP. Me too.

I’m using this one for myself but this finds the most delicate area so first thing is you need to see your finger middle finger and along the cuticle you push the finder down. I just push on my right hand? Right middle finger? Yeah along the cuticle and find the most painful spots. OK so you’re gonna see some pain there.

Some pain is a little bit painful. Some pain is really painful. Some pain is really extremely painful that’s what you need to find. Just give a little pressure and find it.

Did you find it?

Oh yeah. OK good. If you find it, then put the finder right there and rotate five times clockwise. So like in a circular movement like this? Yes One Two Three Four Five And stop.

And take a little rest. You can rub it that area to massage it. It hurts. It really hurts, yeah. It stings.

That’s the point! Does that mean I have blockage there? Yes. Oh my god. So when you have pain it means there’s a lot of blockage.

The extremely extremely painful area where you have the most pain connects to your shoulder neck. Some people who are sensitive they can feel their neck is relieving pain as soon as they do it. So let’s do two more times. You just do two more times. Same spot or different spot?

Same spot for three times total. Five times circular motion. One Two Three Four Five And stop. And rub it a little bit. So do you feel pain right?

Yeah and it seems like do I need a steady surface to do this? Because my tool keeps slipping off my finger.

Yes. If you have any table you can do right on top of it that’s the best. Stable.

Also do you feel like saliva in your mouth? Check it out. Yes. I do actually. That’s great.

So if you do this one you know the principle of BHP is your sensory receptors sending the message to your CNS right? Central nervous system. Your central nervous system take action right away to heal. So that time your parasympathetic nervous system is on at that time the indicator of parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) is your saliva so if you have lots of saliva you’re in the healing mode.

Yeah I feel it.

How’s your saliva? I feel my body becoming a little hot. Like I feel some sweat on my nose. That’s wonderful. If you have sweat and feel warm that’s also indicator of your you know parasympathetic nervous system is on.

And your body temperature goes up and you feel breathing also check it out your breathing. If you feel deeper breath than before. OK. Yeah that is true I feel it going down. Excellent.

It hurts but something like is hoooooo with the pain. Excellent! Alright let’s check your neck then. Would you like to check your neck tension this time? Turn to your left side.

And see how’s your right side neck pinch and the other way. How’s that? Oh yeah much smoother. I could go further back now. That’s wonderful.

And it’s easier. Before it would be like click, click, click. OK great that was mostly on the right neck. This time right shoulder. Now this time index finger we’re gonna do the same way.

Press and find your BHP point again. So is right hand for right side pain? Yes. And left hand is left side pain? Yes.

I see. Of course they’re all both connected but most likely right it is connected right side yes. That makes sense. And it’s all connected with the energy point which is acupressure points as well so especially this the index finger is connected to your large intestine so your large intestine meridian goes all along the shoulders. So you’re gonna see big relief in digestion will be better also breathing gets much better and blood moving down to your abdomen.

Poking your finger for neck and shoulder pain relief?? | Step by Step Guide to BHP Energy Healing

I feel like I’m scooping out my blockage. OK so did you find it? Yes OK now let’s do you can close your eyes this time. OK. So you can focus better and five times rotation.

One, two, three, four… Ouch ouch Ouch! Very painful right?

Then stop and rub it there and relax. Massage it. So when I feel pain should I exhale? Yes. What should I do?

So accept the pain. When you feel pain don’t resist against pain completely accept the pain. And relax into the pain so you can breathe out. Oh that’s not easy relaxing into the pain. I know.

But everybody can try. If it’s too painful you have to let it go all the resistance that’s also happening too naturally. OK two more times. So it’s three times total in the same spot. Of course of you can do more than three times but basically three times is usually good enough, but if you have more pain more stress in your neck and shoulder do more until you have a big relief from neck and shoulder OK?

I found a juicy spot.

Ooo that hurts. Is it two times right? Second time? Is it second time?

OK rub it. Oh I feel hot! Oh yeah it’s very sweaty right? Do you feel sweat in your neck and face? I feel hot.

Yeah my nose feels sweaty. I feel sweat in the back of my neck. Yeah exactly. So usually when you sweat it means you’re cooling down a lot of heat inside. When you get stress you your head gets hot right?

So by sweating out you cool down your brain temperature so you feel cool head and warm body or warm abdomen so that’s your perfect or proper or optimal condition of your health. OK one more time last one. I already did it three times.

OK good then we can ready to check? Yeah yeah OK now neck one more time.

Neck and Oh wow much better! – OK then this time is shoulder too. Lift up right arm this time. Go as far as you can. Oh wow look yeah much better!

And then left shoulder. You can see the difference. Oh this one is the same because I didn’t do much on this one. But this one is like much better much smoother. So right neck right shoulder got much better also it influences left neck and left shoulder but if you do left side this time you’re gonna be completely really OK.

Let’s try this time left side.

So start with the middle finger first? Yes. So why the middle finger? Because neck is.

. middle finger is in your body here so this is neck OK? And then when you see it this is your left shoulder. This is the right shoulder, left leg, right leg. So your hand is a reflection of your whole body?

Exactly. So your neck, your arm, your legs, OK? So this time also middle finger first. So neck is the most you know when you get stressed your neck starts getting tight first and then movement is hard and then go down shoulder. So yeah neck first OK?

Three times. One, two, three, four, five. So it’s easy this time to find it, right? You can go straight to second and third time too. When you feel saliva, even it feels painful you feel like you can say, “Feels so good!

” type of pain kind of thing.

Yeah it is a feel so good pain. You know you feel pain but you feel better afterwards. And even during that time too. OK good.

I just did it three times. OK good then let’s see your neck. Left. And right. Oh how’s that?

Yeah smoother than before. OK, excellent. Now the last one is an index finger then we’re done. OK! Find your own spot.

The important thing is you find the right spot. That’s the very important part.

Yeah right point connect right painful spot. It triggers right there. So how do I know if it’s the right point?

Is it the most painful point? Yes. That’s the indicator yeah. Oh yeah I found it. If you find it, it’s really, really painful.

Yes. Of course you can find it all through your fingernail at the cuticles but special neck and shoulder you can do this one. How many times? I just did twice. OK one last time OK?

Good. One Two Three Four Five And rub it and feel it. Ahh…

exhale. Ahh….

. OK good. This time turn your neck to the left. Turn your neck to the right. Oh yeah significant difference!

OK good. This time shoulder too. Left shoulder. Oh wow. Wow!

Yeah I feel much lighter in my neck and shoulders. You know I think rather than my middle one for me the index one was more painful, and I think more helpful for releasing. You said this was large intestine? Yes. Yeah when you get stressed don’t you sometimes feel like your digestion is not good?

Yes. You know you have bloating you know feeling not easy to breathe that kind of thing so right shoulder connected to the neck so once you lift up this one also your motion of, you know, in your neck is much lighter too.

Wow that’s awesome who knew that you can release neck and shoulder pain by pressing down on your fingers? Yeah! What a genius thing.

I know. I found so many people get better through this simple practice. So one person I met she had you know so much pain in neck and shoulders she goes to physical therapist all the time but after doing just a few minutes of this she didn’t have any pain for the whole week. Wow. Yeah so please try out and the give us comments below.

Yes! Let us know in the comments below you can try it with as Dami said you can do it with a pen, you can do it with a chopstick, as long as you push down along the nail beds of your fingers— you’re golden! And let us know if it was painful, not painful…

do the neck and shoulder tests on yourself and let us know the comments below.

Next time we can do another one! Yeah! I think she has more tricks up her sleeves you know other parts of the body that she can help release with BHP, right? Especially hip pain and knee pain and lower back pain people suffer a lot when they get older, so I had a lot of good experiences with it so next time we can interest that one.

Yeah, hip and knees I think are a big thing that people are suffering from. So stay tuned for that! We’ll be back with more BHP Energy Healing next time for hip and knees. Thanks everyone. Bye!


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