Everything You Need to Know about Chakras ~ Spirit Science 2 Remake

“ Man know thyself and thou shalt know the universe and God .” Pythagoras. You know that triangle dude, Today, more than ever the world seems to be in a very disharmonic state. Thanks to modern internet technology. We now have access to all the world’s information at our fingertips And yet the algorithms behind the mainstream tech. We all use only shows us what we’re accustomed to seeing.

Creating social divides, the likes of which we’ve never seen before. If we took an outside perspective on our species, though you might say that we’ve always been disharmonic and that’s kinda, true, In fact, if our esoteric history is to be believed, we’ve been growing more and more disharmonic for about 13,000 years now It’s in our DNA and It’S something that we’re passing through as a species together.

There is good news, though:

We’Re nearing the end of this paradigm, this karmic cycle of disconnection and suffering, and ideally we will never be here again At the moment, we’re just not in tune with ourselves and our collective consciousness is beginning to realize it. The reason for our disconnection from the soul is actually fairly simple, And no it’s not about politics, greed, capitalism or any of that stuff. In fact, all of those are simply longterm manifestations of the real problem which lies on a deeper much more personal level.

The true problem actually lies in our old way of thinking creating tension on every level. Right now, as you’re watching this video, all of us are going through something of a shift. We are changing into a completely new state of being with a new way of thinking and a different understanding of our multi phasic holographic reality.

Today, we’re going to break down the concept of chakras like you’ve, never seen it before A deluxe special remake that unifies all of our original episodes to something even greater

( gentle music ), If you’ve been around this channel long enough or have seen like any meditation or spiritual based movie of the last 10 years. You’Ll, probably know that one of the most central and core themes of many new age disciplines is the seven chakra system. Whether you’ve used them as meditation aids or seeing them in gift shops you’re, probably at least somewhat familiar with the idea, if not keep watching or you know, just watch “ Dr Strange”, and see how it turned out for him When getting started with the new age Concept of chakras: first, we have to understand the basics of light and color. If you take white light and shine it through a prism, the light will break into a spectrum of seven colors

Red orange, yellow, green blue indigo and violet – Oh yeah ROYGBIV – You can do this at home with your own prism or maybe you tried it in science class at school.

We familiarly recognize this as the spectrum of the rainbow or even more familiar the basic palett in Photoshop, Scientifically, though this whole prism effect and all of the colors it produces are generally called Newtonian colors and, for the most part, are the foundation of the visible color Spectrum Now, of course, there are way more than just seven colors, especially when you get into different wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum and perhaps even different dimensions. But let’s just you know, let’s stick with these for now.

The thing about color is that each one actually has its own vibration: Red has the longest wavelength and the slowest vibrational frequency, And today we generally recognize it as warm and stimulating. Violet has the shortest wavelength and the fastest frequency, and we recognize it as cool and calming. I don’t think I have to describe what happens between these two colors

It’S like a frequency change that gets shorter and faster as you move up the spectrum, this basic knowledge believe it or not, is very important, but we’re gon na have to look at some other things. First,

So what is a chakra? Well, it’s usually believed that the word chakra comes from the Sanskrit word, meaning wheel, which is partly true, but not the whole story and we’ll get to that later on In our modern understanding, though, a chakra is a wheel-like vortex, spinning in a circular motion within the Body, It forms a vacuum in the center that draws an energy on a vibrational level and can draw on anything from color vibration, to thoughts and feelings of other people that we come into contact with.

So in essence, chakras are energy points or centers that run vertically from the top of your head down your spine, or you know from the bottom all the way up. Think of them like pools of energy in our body when left to their natural state, they will flow seamlessly, but life is messy and stuff like emotions, abuse and bad experiences, get in the way and much like Moss or algae. It blocks the Creek from flowing

Ah, you caught me: I’m quoting “ Airbender” on that last bit. Now, despite how you look at it, there are seven, eight or 13 primary chakras, as well as over hundreds of smaller minor ones that are scattered throughout the body along certain channels, known as axial tonal lines, We’ll cover the eight and 13 later on, though

So for right now, let’s stick with the basic seven As we understand it. Your chakras are kind of like the etheric motor of the soul. Not only do your chakras draw in energy each and every chakra radiates an energy or vibration and governs over a major organ or gland connected to other body parts that resonate at the same frequency.

To have balanced and aligned chakras will make you happier healthier and more in tune with yourself When one chakra center is out of sync. It may eventually affect the organs and glands that it’s connected to and cause the chakras neighboring it to also go out of sync, causing a chain reaction and many bodily imbalances.

A chakra can become out of balance when it is overactive, underactive or possibly congested or blocked. This is almost always felt on a mental, emotional or physical level. The benefits to energizing your chakras and learning about them are primarily for our harmony of mind, body and spirit. Your mind alone cannot nurture your whole being. Nor can a proper food diet solve all of your problems. It is through your chakras that you can learn to balance all aspects of yourself, bringing you into a healthier state of consciousness.

As we mentioned earlier, each chakra is connected to an organ or gland which governs over a section of the body.

The order of the chakras is generally thought to go from the bottom up, starting with red and changing vibrations in each chakra. Until you get to violet, However, we’ve recently discovered that you can explore them the other way, starting with a higher awareness and bringing it down into your body. This is exactly the methodology behind the seven day transformation, A one of a kind course that has seen thousands of people change their lives and share their stories about it.

And you can learn more about that by clicking the link in the description. It truly is profound. Now, when you break light apart, you get seven colors. These are the same seven colors that our physical body is tethered to. What would you see if you were to look at a human being through an etheric energy prism? Are we bodies of light

Think about it Now not only does each chakra connect to an organ or gland, but each chakra also has a very specific trait. The first chakra is survival and is connected to the adrenal gland. The next one. The sacral is governed sex or interaction and is connected to the reproductive organs.

Everything You Need to Know about Chakras ~ Spirit Science 2 Remake

The third is the solar, plexus power or ego and connected to the pancreas

And is often cited as being similar to the Sea of Chi mentioned in Taoist alchemical texts like “, The Secret of The Golden Flower .’. The fourth is based in love and connects to the thymus and the heart. The fifth. The throat is expression and connects to the thyroid. The sixth is called the third eye, which is psychic and intuitive and connects to the pituitary gland. And finally, we have the crown chakra, which is the spiritual, chakra and connects to the pineal gland.

Although this is debated, and some say that the pineal gland is also connected to the third eye and the pituitary gland with the crown Now survival, sex power, love, expression, vision and spirituality, These are the seven traits through which we grow and are at the core of Our being and relate to our existence on a fundamental level, Understanding the system and being present with it can help us find out where we’re in or out of balance. Okay. So, after all that we know a fair bit about what chakras are now yet, we haven’t even begun to scratch. The surface of this topic.

Let’S talk about opening, activating and charging your chakras. Do you know of a time when you were struggling with your ego or didn’t, seem to have a heart or couldn’t express yourself in your usual way? If you or anyone, you know, has a problem or comes off too strong in any of these traits. The reason why could be because of an imbalance within the chakras, As we know, each chakra resonates to a color

Doing something as simple as wearing clothing that matches the color of a chakra can even cause it to resonate. I remember when I was first learning about this. All of my chakras were closed, except for my throat, which was way too open.

The reason for this was because my bedroom was painted blue as well as my bedsheets and every night. I would get a chakra boost in that one area And the reason that something like the color of your room would have an effect on chakras is specifically because everything has a vibration and our environment stimulate us to think feel and take action just as much as Our own thoughts do, if you don’t believe us just check out our episode on the biology of belief.

And if that’s not good enough, just ask Google why they spent millions upon millions of dollars testing what colors would compel people to use their products and services more and spend more money. At the same time,

Now sunlight is, of course, our main source and provider of light heat and energy. Sunlight itself consists of energies in the form of cosmic rays, gamma rays, x-rays, visible, light rays, infrared rays, microwaves and even radio waves. I mean, let’s be real. The sun is just basically constantly waving at us.

(, Indistinct ), So straight up lying in the sun for half an hour, can give you a powerful energy boost. In addition to all of that, delicious vitamin D. Our skin loves that stuff. In fact, the practice of sun gazing during sunset or sunrise, when it’s actually safe to do is an ancient practice that was said to bring numerous benefits and skyrocket. Your ascension process that is attested to by many ancient yogis

Generally speaking, even something as simple as eating food that matches the chakra colors is just as good as well Seriously. It’S believed that eating red tomatoes and apples are good for the root chakra

Eating greens are good for the heart. Could blueberries and eggplants open your mind? At least blueberries, you open up an eggplant and it’s like, “Psych solar plexus fool.” Does this make you want to eat healthier? However, you have to consider what’s in the food too.

Skittles may seem like it’s good for your entire chakra body of consciousness, but they probably break every chakra considering what’s in them. But on that note, if you wan na, learn more check out our movie called healing with food. Finally, the best way to open your chakras hands down is meditation.

There are tons of meditations and chakra cleansings out on the web. In fact, we’ve made one too and we’ll share it with you soon.

Sometimes, though, it’s as easy as just visualizing the chakra in the area that it’s in and seeing it open or flood with energy Buddhist tradition, often talks about seeing the chakras as flowers with closed pedals and meditating to see them opening and blooming into their full beauty.

And finally, another way that you can work with your chakras is through Reiki, See. Reiki masters are people who are sensitive to and trained to work with energy. They learn to move energy throughout their body and connect it and flow it into yours.

It’S a very amazing process You may have to ask, but Reiki masters can also typically communicate with your higher self for you and ask you what you need to progress on your path. Reiki itself is growing more and more popular in the last 15 years, so it shouldn’t be very hard to find a number of places near you that offer it as a service.

If you’re serious about this – and you don’t know where to start Reiki and meditation, are excellent. First steps, However, as with everything being mindful that we don’t want to become reliant on external support just to get by

Reiki can be very helpful, just like a plant medicine ceremony, but not so that you can just go and trash your body the next day saying “. Oh no worries “, I’m just gon na get Reiki again to realign .”. If you are getting Reiki, do your best to stay aligned after the session

Ideally, supplementing your own health with proper food, meditation and even exercise. Medical science has proven that toxins and impurities, including negative thoughts, chemicals in our food and other pollutants, can influence the body. If these are consistent, then chakra imbalances can manifest, which may eventually affect us on mental and physical levels.

Traditional health care at this time is unable to naturally or totally alleviate symptoms, especially before they happen, And this means it’s up to us to improve our health conditions on our own. We can’t forget that we need to take care of our whole being not just the parts that gains symptoms And with that I bid you adieu, but don’t worry because we’ll be back again soon for even more chocker remakes in the spirit science journey, ( upbeat, music, )

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