Energy HEALING 101 Hello, everyone Today, I’m going to teach you basic Energy Healing 101 Energy healing is its own life subject. You could basically donate your entire life to studying. Just this one thing In the future I plan on creating my own energy healing modality, which people can certify through, But for today I’m going to teach you about just the basics of doing a standard energy healing session.

Helping me today is my lovely friend, KierstieLeavitt People often mistake her as my twin, So she’s going to be with us today. So everyone say hi. Why does energy healing work? You live in a vibrational universe?

The basis of every physical thing that you see is, in fact, energy. You can think of this energetic reality, the quantum eld as the blueprint of physical reality

So anytime, you are focused on changing some aspect of this quantum eld. You change the physical eld, because the physical reality must follow suit. The reason that energy healing works, then, is that when you are introducing your own vibration, for which a vibration can be a thought, you are thinking any kind of intention. When you introduce that vibration, you are causing the other person or whatever else you are doing energy on to entrain and resonate with the vibration which you are introducing. The law of this universe is the law of attraction, meaning that the only vibrations which can share space are vibrations which match

And so most commonly, it is the dominant migration which becomes the vibration which all else matches. So if you are able to maintain a dominant vibration, the person’s body or the water or the food whatever it is, that you are introducing that energy to must come up to match that higher frequency and must entrain with that frequency. And thus the body can no longer be a match to those negative physical conditions which they were experiencing. There are so many energy healing modalities And, like every other profession, not everyone can agree, But the one thing everyone does agree on is that wherever the mind goes, energy ows

The most important part of energy is your mind.

As you can imagine, knowing this rst principle of energy work, it is incredibly important for you to be deliberate about your focus. You can’t walk into the room with somebody who is having an ailment and focus on the ailment and be a match to the solution. For that person You have to hold as a picture in your mind, the improved state or the process of improvement.

The person’s body, their energetic eld, is going to match that idea, which you are now focused on.

So, instead of walking in the room with someone with a broken bone and putting focus on the brokenness of that bone, you want to walk in there and focus your mind on anything. That is a positive vibrational state, Such as a deep healed bone, a completely healed and healthy bone or white light. Potentially, You can focus on anything like that which will help the person resonate with that improved state. You can also focus on a process like pulling negative energy out of that bone and then suturing the bone. Backup Most important thing is that you are focused on whatever you want. The end result to be

You are not focusing on the problem as it currently stands. All people are capable of energy work. It is true that some are born with this innate talent and the innate drive and intention to be doing healing work, But there is not one person walking this planet that cannot help to heal another person. Let’S talk about why we would want to traditionally use our hands in an energy healing session, knowing that the number one most important thing involving energy work is where the mind is going.

It’S because naturally, the energy ows through your body in a specic pattern and the major output for that energy ow, is in your hands. It’S a point that the chinese call the laogong point It’s right here in the center of your hand. So if you take this middle nger and you put it down towards the center of your hand, that output is going to be right where that nger hits basically in the center of your palm

Naturally, when you are around somebody who needs energy healing somebody who would benet by your energy, your energy will start owing

Which is why commonly people who are healers or who are attuned to their own frequency and energy will start to notice their hands getting hot whenever they are around somebody, who’s, sick or somebody who is feeling emotionally negative. It’S because that person’s energy is now calling forth. The energy from the person who has just walked in the room Anytime, you are around somebody who has a need for energy, that energy will start to speed through the channels and be sucked for lack of a better word out of this point in your hand, And That speed with which that energy starts leaving creates a ction

Which is why you feel that intense heat that we so often associate with energy work? The next thing to understand about energy work is that it’s not really us that is healing the other person. All we are doing is introducing a resonance which is more benecial to them. We are acting as a catalyst We are providing an offering, which is a frequency

And it’s the person’s choice to match that frequency. If you are introducing a dominant frequency chances, are they are going to accept and adopt that frequency and thus match it? That is why healing actually occurs: Breathing amplies life force and thus it amplies energy. That’S why, anytime, you are doing an energy healing session. You want to be attuned to your breathing

You can amplify energy by breathing And you can bring energy in while you are breathing. That means that if you’re feeling like you are being depleted at any point during the session, all you need to do is focus on bringing in energy. While you are breathing and pushing energy out while you are breathing out Breath, is a totally invaluable tool when it comes to energy healing. Everyone of you is going to be tuning into energy in a different way.

So when you are doing an energy work session, you want to pay attention to the mental images you are receiving or being inspired to hold on to Those images which it seems most intuitively would help the person that you are working on. You want to be attuned to the sensations in your body. Quite often when you are doing energy work on other people, there’s a transference, Meaning that they may not be registering what’s going on, but your own body will register what is going on.

So you will start to register the pain that they are feeling and you will start to feel it when the energy moves.

You may even experience releases of that energy through your own body. You also want to be tuned into the emotions that you are feeling, Because some people are much more emotionally intuitive, Meaning that it is through your emotional heart centers that you will be registering what is going on with the person you are working on and where that Inspires you to go with them?

Another thing is that you want to tune into what they call spiritual intuition, which is just knowing. So you may just know that this color energy is supposed to go into this area of a person’s body. You want to go with that, So not only being super super perceptive as to what your body is perceiving from the person, but also where your intuition wants you to go with this

And so, rather than be afraid of doing harm to somebody, I want you to just realize that you can let your intuition inspire you towards doing whatever it is that your intuition is telling you which needs to happen with the person

It’S not like there is a right or wrong way to energy heal. There is not really a better or worse way to energy heal, Because energy healing is going to manifest itself in this practitioner differently than it does with another practitioner. You want to use whatever modality. You have the most intention invested in

Whatever is the most believable modality for you,

Because the more believable it is to you, the stronger your mind is about that concept. The higher vibration you are holding In my personal opinion, it’s always best to start an energy healing session and end an energy healing session by washing your hands. Water is an incredible purier of energies, It easily neutralizes energies that are attaching to your hands and anything that you’ve brought to the energy session.

So washing your hand specically in cold water is a good way to start this whole process.

Another great way to start an energy healing is by bringing energy in through your own body. We call this running energy, You want to close your eyes and you want to visualize that there is a chord that is going from the top of your head. All the way down your spine down through your root chakra and then to the center of the earth.

And you can imagine hooking it into the center of the earth And from there you want to pull the energy in a spiral motion.

So you are visualizing this energy spiraling up through your legs through the core of your body up past your head as many feet as you would like to take it (. I usually like to take at least 3 feet past my head, ) and then spiraling back down out through your hands. You can do this process visualize this process for as long as it takes you to start to feel the energy accumulating in your hand. So you wan na feel that heat or tingling and any other kind of sensation, which would indicate that energy is actually owing into your hands. If you want, you can use the breath to help amplify this whole technique, which I just thought called running energy. Ideally, you will be able to run this energy the entire time you are doing an energy healing session.

In the beginning, it will be difcult, meaning that you will have to come back to it.

So while you are in the middle of the healing, you want to come back to doing that process quickly and then go back to energy healing. Then what you want to do with the person that you were energy healing is that you want to balance them out. So the best way to do this is to start by facing like this, You want them standing away from you,

And you want to basically put your hands on both of their shoulders And then closing your eyes. You want to visualize, as if the two hemispheres of their body are trying to nd balance.

Some of you may have seen those contraptions in the store where its a decoration, which has a division and on the two sides, are sand and you are visualizing tipping the sand back and forth until you are nding equality Or you can visualize this with energy. So you want to basically imagine the energy going back and forth between the two hemispheres of their body until you get it to a point where there’s an even keel, so a perfect balance between the two hemispheres, Then you want to take your two thumbs and you Want to take them underneath the occipital bones, which are these 2 bony points right at the base of the skull, and you want to focus on balancing those so that they are even

It will impress you how quickly that the energy in the body will balance, And not only the energy, but the actual physical structure will balance Sometimes with people it take some focus And other times it takes. None Literally getting your hands. This close will cause them to immediately go into balance.

Then, after you have done the occipital bones, you want to come down to the shoulders and do the exact same thing So place your hands like this on the shoulders, and you want to nd that same point of balance in the shoulders Once you’ve done, that you Want to come down and kneel at the base of a person and put your hands like this on the ridges of their hip bones.

And if you look really closely, you will be able to notice that, quite often they are off kilter. When the body energy is not balanced, you will see one hip that is higher than the other, usually

So putting your hand there, you want to focus on that same balancing, that you did with the occipital bones and on the shoulders, Its quite common for people to get off-balance. When you are doing this, because you are changing the entire dynamic of how their body is structured After you have done that, you can come down and to do the same thing with the knees Once you performed that it’s now time to do an energy sweep on The person that you are running energy on This is a lot like that technique of running energy that you did with yourself.

You want to visualize either the energy running in a straight line more like a stream or in spirals. If that works better for you, So you come from the back rst. You start by collecting the earth energy and you want to pull it up through their body up past their head and then down their head through their arms.

You want to do the exact same thing on the front Before we move on to the next part. I want to mention that there is another way to run energy which works just as well for some people,

That is that you are pulling in energy from the earth up about to your Dan Tian area or here to your solar, plexus area. Simultaneously, you are drawing in energy universal energy from your head and you are causing that energy to meet here. (, solar plexus area, ) That meeting of energies, universal energy and earth energy is going to cause a type of a reaction, And you are going to push that energy of the collection of those two energies out through your hands.

That’S one way that can really work for people when they are running energy through their hands.

And one way is not better than another way: It’s just some things work for some people and other things work better for other people In China. This is the main modality that people use to do energy work Because they are all about the concept of yin yang, which is polar energies meeting. In fact, many of the practitioners there have developed this type of an ability to such a degree that when they pull these two polar energies together at their Dan Tian area, they are able to actually physically shock people with their energy.

Then what you want to do is one by one: go through all of the chakras down the body, and you want to hold your hands over that chakra and allow the person’s body to pull your energy in


You are allowing the body to use whatever energy it pulls from you in whatever way it wants to. So we will start here at the crown chakra, which is right at the crown of the head, So holding your 2 hands there. You can move your feet till they are about shoulder width apart, which means that the energy will be owing through your body in the easiest way. There is not going to be any restriction there.

You also want the persons hands to be straight at their side, because you want the energy to be moving in a free and unrestricted manner through their body, So holding your hands here at the crown chakra you just focus on whatever you want to focus on whether It’S a healthy state of the brain or whether it’s a particular color of light energy that you are holding here.

A lot of people like to use the color of the actual chakras. So when we are working with the crown chakra, we are working with the color violet, So you want to visualize whatever you want to visualize here. Whatever works for you,

And just let the person utilize this energy, When the person is done, soaking up the energy through this particular chakra, you will start to feel a kind of a resistance, or else emotionally you will get a feeling of completion. That’S your indication that it’s time to move on to the next chakra, The next chakra that you want to work on is the third eye chakra, which is the sixth chakra. It’S located right in the center of the forehead above the eye. Brows

So yet again you are putting your hands here and you are visualizing whatever it is, that comes to you to visualize, And you are allowing the person’s energy to suck your energy in and use it. However, the person wants to use it. The chakras are all associated with organ systems, And so, if a person has a deciency in the particular organ system that is associated with this chakra, it’s most likely that they are going to a utilize, a lot more energy in this one versus another one. So some of these times, when you are putting energy into a chakra, you will stay there for only 3 minutes and you will be done or even one minute and you will be done.

For others, you can be at it for a half an hour or 45 minutes or even an hour. Sometimes The next chakra you want to work on is the throat chakra It’s right at the base of the throat where the collar bones meet. There’S an indentation Again. This is the abridged version

If I was doing an actual healing session on Kierstie here, instead of using her as a demonstration, I would be spending much more time on each chakra. The next chakra you want to work on is the heart chakra

Its on the chest above the breast, The next chakra that you are going to work on is the solar plexus chakra. If you trace the ribs, the solar plexus is right below the apex of where those ribs meet

So it’s below the sternum and above the belly button. The next chakra is the sacral chakra. This is the one that is associated with sexuality. It is above the pubic bone and below the belly button. If you wish, when you are doing this, you don’t need to leave your hands in one space on top of the body.

You can move your hands in a circular motion. Clockwise is best Depending on who you are healing. You could either when you’re doing this process also have your hands above the chakra, or you can place them directly against the skin. It depends whether you want to do hands on or hands off healing The next chakra you are going to work on. Is your root? Chakra

The root chakra is actually located around your perineum area, so obviously you are not going to get in there when you are doing an energy session.

So, instead, what you want to do is hold your hands right above the base of their pubic bone like this, And you want to visualize that energy being sucked in between their legs and up through their body. Another good way to work on this is to come down more and you could hold your hands like this

Traditionally, those are the seven major chakras that people associate with the human body. In reality, there are many more chakras

Some that extend past the head, some the come into the arms and the legs and the bottom of the feet. It’S just when you are talking about the basic chakras, and this is energy healing 101. Those are the main chakras that you are going to work with. Again, if you want to use color associated with your mental process of this particular energy healing modality, which I’ve just shown you, then I’m gon na go over the color which is associated with each one of these chakras, so that you can use it in tandem with That chakra to the best of your ability, The crown chakra, is associated with an intense violet color, that’s purple. The third eye. Chakra is indigo. That’S a blue purple! Color

The throat chakra is blue. The heart chakra is associated with green. The solar plexus chakra is used with yellow

The sacral chakra is orange. The root chakra is red.

It’S okay for you to use any color relative to any of the chakras, contrary to popular belief. But most often these chakras respond the best to the energy color of the energy which they are associated with, And it’s perfectly ne for you to use any hue within that range. So when we are working with the throat chakra, you can use a dark blue, a light blue. Whatever type of blue you want to use.

You are not restricted with energy work as much as you would think.

Once you have done that process in the body, you can ask the person if there’s a specic location, maybe you knew it before they even showed up for the appointment. You can ask them if there is a specic area which they want you to focus. On A point which they are feeling pain or experiencing some negative symptom After you are have done your work with the chakras, you can focus on any specic problem which the person has come to you with. So lets say that Kierstie here has come to me with pain in her elbow. I could address this in multiple ways:

The rst way is by sandwiching the problem in a eld of energy

I could focus specically on a type of light or something which I would like to diffuse this area with, to cause it to resonate with the frequency of something like a golden or a white light, Or I can visualize what I want that area to look like What you want to do, when you are working with any kind of pain, is to chase the pain. It’S natural, that when you take your energy to a specic area like this, that the energy is going to move up or down the meridians, usually down

And so, if I’m working on this particular area, it’s quite common for the pain to suddenly shift down the arm and more towards the ngertips or towards the wrist. What you want to do anytime. The pain moves is to chase the pain. So you want to then move your arms down. Lets say if the pain shifted to a wrist. You want to move to that location. You could also focus on sweeping the energy

So imagine that the energy that you are now putting in is going through her arm. I could sweep the energy down out of her arm. You will intuitively know where the meridians are in the body. You dont need to learn that from me. So when you are working on something like the shoulder, you might intuitively just feel like the energy should move down the arm.

Trusted intuition, Another way you can go about addressing pain is by localize energy work. You can utilize one nger, two ngers or three ngers. You always want to keep an open dialogue with the person that you are working on. It’S more difcult when you are working with animals, as that takes more of your own intuition, to know what is going on with them.

But with people you can have an open dialogue so that your patient or whoever you are working on, can tell you what they are feeling in their body, Whether the energy is changing or whether the pain has moved It’s going to help. You know where to go. Next, If at anytime, during your energy session, you start feeling a static sensation under any part of your body, especially your hands, that is the indication that you are starting to adopt the vibration which they are offering. That is not a positive sensation.

And so you want to either run energy specically visualizing riding it out your hands kind of like water ushing through that energy, which is coagulated or you want to go and wash your hands in cold water again and come back to the energy healing session. You can, if you wish, visualize pulling all of the negative energy out of the body before you begin doing any of this process, which I’ve just talked to you about of lling the body up with a positive high vibrational energy.

That works for some people Or you could visualize on introducing that high vibrational energy and the fact that it will inevitably ush the negative energy out of the meridians. As far as basic healing is concerned, there are three mental techniques involving color which seem to work. The best

1, The rst is to visualize a white or a gold energy. You can put whatever area of the body needing focus in a eld of that energy and understand that the body is going to entrain with that frequency and not be a match to the negative symptom anymore 2. The next super benecial healing technique is called the “ violet ame”

What you visualize is a very violet color of re, And you can visualize pouring it in through the body or into a localized area, And you can visualize that re burning up any negative energy that might be there so that all it leaves behind is the improved And high vibrational state 3. The third super benecial color, is a blue green light.

A calming and repairing light You can visualize this blue green energy in any area that you are working on, repairing and pulling things together and leaving whatever physical condition. You are working on or an emotional condition. You are working on in its highest state.

It is very rare that you will see any condition that does not react to either the white gold light the violet ame or that blue green light. Those three color techniques when it comes to energy healing are the most universal Meaning that you can use those on any problem that you are running up against and see a benet as the result of it.

The best universal energy that you can possibly use when it comes to energy healing is love, So the best way that you can go about any type of energy healing is to focus your love into whatever area has a problem and into the being that you are Working on specically Fill them up with love, Love energy is universal, It is the highest vibrational state.

Once your energy healing session has come to a feeling of completion for that day, you want to focus on running energy, though you again, So it is the same process as to hooking the chord into the center of the Earth, pulling the energy up through your body And out your hands:

You want to do that a few times with breath to make sure that you ush any energy. That is not yours that you have accumulated or resonated with during this vibrational session, so that you can go about your day in a heightened state of energy. It’S quite common for people who are doing energy work in the beginning to utilize too much of their own energy and to focus in a way which depletes their energy And so running energy after the healing session for yourself, as the healer alone is going to help, You to not feel depleted

It’S also important for you to wash your hands after the session like I said before, not only because water is the purier and it neutralizes energies, but also it will help your mind disconnect from the energy session. It’S also important not to attach to the outcome of an energy healing session Anytime. You are attached to the outcome. You’Ve introduced resistance, Resistance to the idea that something may not happen, Resistance to the concept of you not being good enough as a healer

Anytime, you’ve attached to the outcome, you are introducing resistance, So in any way you can release resistance to the outcome of the session. Also, you want to set the intention that whatever energy work you’ve done is going to continue to work even after the session ends So days weeks. Months..

.., however long you want to set the intention Just so, you can know that when the person leaves your presence, the energy itself is doing the work. Still without your focus. Don’T forget also that you can ask for help from higher powers or from spirit guides or any other type of universal energy. While you are in the middle of the session,

Sometimes you may meet with a problem which feels a bit out of your range of comfort When you run into that. It’S a very good time to ask for universal energy or whatever higher power you associate with to come in, assist the session, And I promise you that it will So that’s the basic 101 way to do just your basic energy healing session. I want to reiterate here before you go. Try it yourself that imagination is not trivial.

Imagination is how all of this occurs. Everything that occurs in the mind must occur on the physical level And the stronger that your focus is upon those things that your imagination is inspiring you towards creating the stronger the energy healing session will be. The most important part of energy healing is that you trust your intuition.

You really do know what to do with somebody who comes to you for help.

If you listen to your intuition, you’ll know exactly what to do and what to focus on in order to help that person reach their optimal state. It doesn’t matter what I say, or anybody else says if you feel a positive inspiration. That is your indication that it is time to act on it So go ahead and try this energy healing. For yourself, I will be answering any questions that you come up with relative to energy healing in the future. Have a good week.

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