Chakras Explained – Beginners Guide

Peace beautiful beings. Welcome back to another video. Today we are going to be talking about chakras, which is just like the manifestation video. A very highly requested topic for me to talk about. Today’s video will just be an introduction to chakras because there is a lot to learn about the seven energy centers of the body.

Many people who teach about chakras usually source India as the main place or the only place where the study of chakras and energy originated, but actually we have seen evidence of it coming out of Africa, Egypt to be specific, many middle Eastern countries and many Asian countries, not only just India.

So I think that cultures from all around the globe have identified that we have these energy centers in our body, and there are ways for us to balance them or make them overactive, or just basically when they are aligned, we are in complete energetic harmony of the body, mind, and spirit. So that’s the gist of it. That’s what a chakra is. It is an energy center in the body, and we have seven main chakras, but a lot of energetic workers, energy workers, healers will tell you that there are 12 chakras.

Some people like a friend of mine, Lightworker Liv, who you all saw in our last energy work video, she talked about there being 33 chakras. There is a lot to learn. You can connect them to astrology, we can connect chakras to crystals and to clans and colors of the rainbow.

So let’s just jump right in. I’m only going to talk about the seven main chakras today, and I am going to give you a very basic overrun of all of them.

So we’re going to talk about what each chakra is, where in the body that chakra is located, what it’s like if that chakra is off balance or overactive or blocked, and what it’s like if that chakra is balanced. So if you’re interested in getting a nice beginners rundown of chakras, continue watching until the end of the video.

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All right, so chakras, there are seven. Let’s start with the crown chakra, and then you have your third eye chakra, and then you have your throat chakra, then we have the heart chakra, and then we have the solar plexus chakra, the sacral chakra, which is around the navel, and then we have the root chakra, which is down there along the pelvis.

Okay, so starting with the crown chakra and working our way down. The crown chakra is the part of the body that is basically the temple, the top of the head, that is the chakra that is known to connect you to the spirit realm, connect you to the higher purpose or the God consciousness that a lot of us have a connection with. So this chakra is usually associated with consciousness, bliss, oneness, spirituality, beliefs, understanding.

If your crown chakra is balanced, you will feel feelings of universal love and feel like you have a strong faith with spirit. You’re feeling aware and wise and like you have an understanding of your spirituality and your place in the world.

If your crown chakra is behaving a little overactive, you’ll be very dogmatic with your ideas, very judgmental and ungrounded.

If your crown chakra is blocked, then you might feel feelings of depression. You might feel like you’re lost when it comes to spirituality and you’re not able to find a connection with spirit. You might also have learning disabilities because this is a chakra of the mind. So you might be having issues learning, brain fog, any issues like that, that is a sign of a blocked crown chakra.

I’ll talk about the ways that we can balance these chakras at the end of the video. Okay, next chakra is the third eye chakra. This usually seems to be the favorite when people start learning about the chakras because everyone gets really excited about the third eye and the possibility of having a third eye opening, a third eye awakening. What the third eye chakra symbolizes is your intuition, your abilities to manifest, manifestation, psychic abilities, inner wisdom, visualization, clarity, things like that.

That is your third eye.

So when it’s balanced, you are having experiences of visions beyond the physical realm. You might be really in tune with your intuition. You’re able to feel when things don’t feel right or certain people don’t really feel right, and you’re feeling imaginative and creative. Your third eye chakra might be blocked if you’re feeling like you can’t listen to your intuition or you’re having poor imagination, a poor sense of creativity. You’re feeling like you’re blocked and you can’t really listen to your inner thoughts, or what you might think are guidance coming from your ancestors or other spiritual realms or spiritual entities.

If you’re feeling a blockage on that, then that could be your third eye chakra being a little out of whack. If your third eye chakra is overactive, and this doesn’t happen with many people, I think people that have overactive third eye chakras are those that have had third eye awakenings or third eye openings, and maybe you’re doing too much Kundalini or you’re just really, really out there with your spiritual work that now you have overworked your third eye.

Symptoms of that would be hallucinations or nightmares, delusions, feeling like you’re seeing spirits or things like that. That just means that you’ve broken the veil into that spiritual realm and your body isn’t quite ready for that. That happens a lot when people start to work with Kundalini, and we can talk about that in another video, comment below if you’re interested in learning about that.

I feel like I have so much to share with you and making videos only opens up a million cans of worms. So that’s what happens with an overactive third eye chakra. I feel like most people don’t have to worry about that. We can work on balancing a third eye chakra that feels blocked, and we’ll talk about that later.

So going on to the third chakra, and I call it the third because I like to go from top to bottom.

Some people prefer to go from bottom to top, and I’ve seen teachers talk about it from one way or the other way. So I’m not exactly sure which one is the correct way, but just for the sake of us doing the top to bottom, the third chakra is our throat chakra. As you can imagine, that throat chakra is all about communication. If you’re feeling like your throat chakra is balanced, then that means you are having clear communication. You have no issue getting your words across.

You’re feeling confident. You feel like you’re having great expression and creative expression. You might be behaving like a leader with confidence, things like that. If your throat chakra is blocked, then you’re having issues expressing yourself.

Maybe you’re having issues with communicating with people, a lot of arguing, a lot of misunderstanding.

Maybe there are a lot of secrets or a lot of things that you’re holding from people, and also it’s not only about speaking, your throat chakra is also connected to your listening ability. So if you’re not behaving like a good listener, then you could also be having a blocked throat chakra. This one’s easy. If your throat chakra is overactive, you know what type of person that is. It’s a loud person that’s very sassy, opinionated, gossipy.

Maybe you’re abusing your communication privileges, you’re talking over others, you’re using harsh words, curse words, things like that. That is an overactive throat chakra. You’re using the gift of communication for negative energy.

Oh, and the throat chakra is blue. Okay.

Moving on to our fourth chakra. This is also a fan favorite, and that is the heart chakra, it is with the color green, and I love that the heart chakra is with the color green and not red or pink like we’re usually used to seeing hearts with. I like to think that the heart chakra is green because that is nature. It’s earth. Earth is a big heart chakra planet, when you look at the planetary systems, earth is 100% the fourth chakra.

It is the chakra of love. We are the planet of unconditional love. I absolutely love that, and that’s why I love green. It’s one of my favorite colors. So if you have a balanced heart chakra, you’re experiencing feelings of love, unconditional love, you’re feeling feelings of peace, compassion, receptivity, acceptance, gratitude, forgiveness, which is very important.

You’re having meaningful relationships. If your heart chakra is blocked, you might be a little bitter or hateful or you’re not having great relationships.

Maybe you’re experiencing trust issues or a lack of empathy, or you could just be very intolerant when it comes to love and relationships and connections. If you have an overactive heart chakra, you might be very self sacrificing or codependent, putting others before yourself and being really attached to your relationships, and not able to find your independence. Basically you’re giving too much, and that also will result in feelings of jealousy and things like that.

That would be an overactive heart chakra. So I think the heart chakra is very important to get balanced if you’re in a relationship especially. Well, all of them, really, all seven chakras are important to have in balance. Okay. The fifth chakra is the solar plexus chakra that is associated with the color yellow.

The solar plexus chakra is right here by our rib cage above the navel, I would say right underneath your chest. That is the solar plexus chakra. If you have a balanced solar plexus chakra, then that means you have drive and you have confidence. You have a great self image, you feel like you are in control, you have a great self esteem, you’re feeling like you’re in your purpose, you have willpower and assertiveness. That’s the solar plexus chakra.

So when our solar plexus is unbalanced and we’re feeling threatened in those ways, then we will have a blocked sacral chakra and that will result in feelings like low self esteem, feeling powerless, feeling very submissive and having an inferiority complex basically where you feel like the world is against you or you just can’t get ahead. That would be a blocked solar plexus, and if you have an overactive solar plexus you could be very domineering and a perfectionist, power hungry, critical, judgmental, that type of thing.

The sixth chakra is a fun one. This is our sacral chakra, and that is associated with the color orange. Our sacral chakra is located right at our navel.

Maybe a little bit underneath our navel, but at that sort of rooted area right there. When you have a balanced sacral chakra, you will experience feelings like joy, pleasure, sexuality, sensuality, nurturing, procreation, and deep emotions like passion and optimism. If you’re experiencing a low libido right now or you have a sex life that isn’t working out for you, that could be contributing to you having a blocked sacral chakra, because this is the chakra that is identified with our sex, with sex, sex organs, pleasure, passion, all that good juicy stuff. That’s the sacral chakra. So if you’re having any issues in that realm, you could do some sacral chakra work and perhaps it could help you spiritually.

Also, if you’re having a fear of intimacy or no intimacy at all or no creativity, you’re feeling very isolated and lonely, that is going to affect your sacral chakra in a negative way.


If you have an overactive sacral chakra you can imagine what this might result in, that’s your overemotional people or hedonistic people, maybe people that are sex addicts, manipulative, things like that. When you take these really passionate, beautiful emotions and we go to the opposite side of them, that would be an overactive sacral chakra. Okay, and the seventh and final chakra we will talk about today, that is located right at our pelvis area, and that is the root chakra. It is associated with the color red.

When it’s balanced, you’re feeling grounded, you’re feeling safe, secure, firm in your place in life, centered and just happy to be alive. That is a balanced root chakra. You’re centered, you’re grounded. When you have a blocked root chakra you might be feeling feelings of instability, financial instability, anxiety, fear, and just feelings of feeling ungrounded. I’d say the root chakra is one of the hardest ones to balance for me personally, but I am getting to a place in my life finally, especially now having the house, where I’m able to feel my root chakra finally coming into its balance.

Because living in the van, I mean my whole entire life I have felt only like 50% grounded. It’s not only about a physical place, an apartment or a house or whatever, it’s just about feeling like I’m not sure where I fit in, but with Earth Mama Medicine and all the things that I’ve been creating and doing with my life, I’m feeling like my root chakra is feeling very firm and sturdy. I’m doing well so far, but that definitely has been one that I’ve worked on for a long time now. If your root chakra is overactive, then you might be very materialistic, greedy, have a lust for money and power, aggressiveness, just those feelings of insecurity when you’re not feeling grounded, buying a lot of materialistic things and feeling like you need to get money and all these things. Without having healthy intentions behind them, that is an unbalanced root chakra.

The root chakra is connected to our feelings of security, our survival needs, grounding, belonging. It’s something that when that is out of whack I feel it causes all of the other ones to be out of whack because this is our survival chakra. When we’re feeling like we’re not surviving adequately, we start to compensate all the other chakras to fix it. You know what I mean? So that’s just me.

I’m sure another chakra teacher will tell you that’s not true. But that’s just how I feel, and that’s what I’ve gotten from my experiences. So now that you’ve heard all of them and you’ve sort of gotten a feel for what it might be like if these are blocked, you might know now which ones might be blocked for you, or which ones might be overactive and working a little bit too hard. So ways that we can bring our chakras into balance, and I don’t want you to overthink this, okay? You don’t have to go to a wellness center or a retreat and pay $1,000 to have your chakras balanced by a Reiki practitioner or an energy worker.

You can do this at home yourself, and a lot of times for free. One of my most favorite ways to balance my chakras is through dancing. If you’ve ever seen anime like Naruto or even the cartoon Avatar, you’ve seen how they represent chakras in those cartoons, and they show you a skeleton version. Maybe before the character is going to fight or something like that, and they show you the chakra is all fusing together and working. They’re connected to our organs.

It’s connected to our nervous system. The energy moves through our body, through our veins, and every little corner of the nervous system.

So when you’re dancing and you’re moving, you’re shifting that energy, you’re bouncing that energy. It’s like you’re stirring the pot of melted chocolate, you’re getting it nice and even and ready to go. So if you’re having some issues with your heart chakra you can do a lot of chest movements, a lot of pumping, a lot of loving on it, a lot of chest movements.

If you’re having some root or sacral chakra issues, get in your hips, get into your hips, stomp on the ground, get real dirty with it.

Do some twerking, you know what I mean? But while you’re dancing, make sure that your mind is aligned with what your intentions are. I wouldn’t just put the music on and go for it. I would make sure that I am intentionally thinking, okay, I am aligning my root chakra.

I’m feeling grounded, grounded. I like to stomp on that earth, really get that energy into that root chakra. Dancing is a wonderful way, and I think a great way to amplify dancing as a way to balance your chakras would be to use color therapy. You saw that every chakra had its own color. We have the crown in this beautiful violet.

The third eye is another type of purple. The throat is blue. The heart is green. The solar plexus is yellow, the sacral is orange, and the root is red. So whichever chakra you’re looking to balance at that moment, and I would do one at a time, let’s say we want to balance our sacral chakra.

This chakra of sex. I put on a song that’s very sexy, right? Maybe I put something on that makes me feel sexy, or I’m naked.

If that makes you feel sexy. I burn some orange candles, I bite an orange while I’m dancing.

I put on color therapy glasses that the lenses are orange. I put something on the TV that’s like beautiful orange designs or something. You know, I start to surround myself with orange objects. I wear orange, and then I do some dancing. So you’re infusing color therapy with dancing, moving that energy throughout the body and you’re going to balance that sacral chakra.

Now obviously balancing does come with some physical realm effort, meaning if you are having a blockage in the heart chakra and you’re doing all the dancing and you’re doing the green color therapy and you’re doing everything you can to balance it, practices at home, but when you go to work and you’re not actively trying to have unconditional love for all beings and be compassionate and kind and understanding, then the work that you do in your practices at home might not work as well for you.

You have to know the traits of the chakra and actively try to embody those traits more as well. A very popular way that people balance their chakras is with the use of crystals, so just the same way we talked about color therapy, every chakra has its color, so same thing goes with the crystals. If I were to work with a throat chakra balancing session, I would use maybe a lapis lazuli crystal, which is blue, and it’s got this blue greenish tone to it.

That way when I’m laying down or whatever I’m doing, even if I’m dancing, you can infuse it with your dancing exercise, holding a lapis lazuli or another blue crystal that you have.

A lot of Reiki practitioners or energy workers will have you lay down and whatever chakra you’re trying to balance they’ll put that crystal on that area. So you could lay down and do a meditation with the blue crystal on your throat, or maybe you’re holding blue crystals in your hand, imagining that energy flowing to the throat. Things like that. I like to teach chakra balancing as something that everyone can do. If you just allow yourself to open up to what you feel.

I don’t think that it’s something that only certain people have the gift of, you know, that offer professional chakra balancing services. I think you can feel the difference of when your throat chakra is feeling blocked and when it’s not. I know when I feel like I’m feeling confident enough to express myself in my relationships, and when I’m not feeling confident enough. So you don’t have to overthink it. There’s no one formula.

I think you can use a blue crystal in whichever way you want to balance that. Maybe you have a speech in class that day. You bring your blue crystal up and you hold it in your hand while you’re talking to help strengthen your throat chakra. Whatever feels good for you will work. So there are certain types of crystals that have been known to work best with the certain types of chakras it aligns with, but I like to go with colors for the most part.

I know blue’s with the throat. My purple crystals like amethyst and things like that are great for my third eye and my crown. All of the different types of things you can just associate them based off of color. Lastly, another way to balance your chakras is through yoga poses. There are different yoga poses and mudras which are basically hand positions that will help you balance the energy of a certain chakra.

I’m going to be honest with you, I don’t know much about those because I am not a yoga teacher, so I don’t know much about the specific mudras and the specific yoga poses. But if you would like me to learn about them to create a video, I gladly will. But I think it’s something that you could easily research. I’ll link a video below that is talking about chakras from a yoga perspective, and that will help those of you who do love yoga to perhaps use some poses in your practice to help you with certain chakras. But it’s also something that’s very easily Google-able and you’ll be able to find some mudras that you can possibly do in meditation.

This is the throat chakra mudra, just close your eyes and hold it while you’re doing a 10, 15 minute meditation, maybe even a blue crystal in the middle of your palms.

You know what I mean? That’s what I mean about freestyle and do what works for you. That’s it everyone. I didn’t want this to be too long of a video.

This is just an introduction to chakras so that you know they are the seven energy centers of the body and we all have them. They are connected to our organs, to our bones, to our flesh, to our nervous system. When we are balanced in our seven chakras, we are living a prime life here on earth as human beings. So if you have any questions, drop them below.

I’ll be hanging around the comments, especially when the video is first uploaded.

I always hang around the comments to answer questions. If you want me to make a video that’s more detailed about chakra balancing, let me know. I will work on that for you. If you’re interested in other types of videos like these where we’re talking about manifestation and chakras and crystals and all of the metaphysical stuff like that, let me know. I haven’t made that many videos like this, but I’m thinking that I should start making more content like this.

So as always, I’m very grateful for you watching this video and for you supporting. If you want to do one more thing for me it would be to hit that like button down there because that helps my video move on up in the YouTube world. You know how YouTube doesn’t really favor these types of videos where we’re all learning and we’re elevating. So I would appreciate you to like it and share it with your friends and family. If you want to join the Earth Mama Medicine family, we would love to have you.

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