Can I send distance Reiki even if people don’t believe in Reiki

Hi, it’s Satoe, I’m from Hong Kong I’m making thevideo today. Actually I want to share one question and how do I answer about this question in thepast? Many people asked me this question many timesbut. I feel it’s good to share on YouTube. So maybeyou might have the same question right now When you’re practicing Reiki. I hope this informationhelps and I hope that your Reiki, the Reikipractice, will be more useful, helpful to you. So what is the question? So sometimes people asked meDoes Reiki still work. Even people don’t believe Some people don’t believe Reiki they don’tlike Reiki or they just don’t understand what’sReiki. In that case, am I still able towork on that person. So my answer, aboutthis is yes, you can still work on that.

But before the more explanation, actually I want toshare one episode from recent zoom group Reikipractice, so I am usually doing many zoom groupReiki practice with my Reiki students welcomeif. You have learned Usui Reiki before in the pastdid you received attunement, Then you can also joinour zoom group Reiki practice sessionsand. Then, in that session you know it is sofunny to see. Sometimes there are pets, the students’pets at home. They will appear on the screenand. Then more. I observe it seems once westart practicing they’ll be more closer to usso what happened to them like if we arenot practicing, they are getting far and sometimeswe practice, and then the animals is reallygetting closer to. You seems that they also likeour Reiki

It is so funny to see that the pets actually can sense that Reiki is flowingso. This is the proof that Reiki will flow ifneeded without any belief, unlikepeople animals or plants or even objects. Theydon’T have any belief. They have no thoughtslike humans, but they are just naturally absorbingReiki energy and then Reiki energy is naturallyworking on that situation. So when youobserve your pets, it is so interesting to seeeven. You don’t have to use your hands touchingthe pets, because since animals are so sensitive, soyou are in the room and then start to practiceyour, self-healing or breathing technique or evensometimes. You do the distance Reiki on somebodybut. You know the animals if they are in the sameroom with you, or even they will cometo your room. They want to get closer. I also have my cats at home, so they really loveReiki. I do a lot of experiments on my pets, likeusing the Reiki and they feel comfortable, and I can also see their face. Also changing like peopleyou can try. If you have pets at home, you cantry What I want to tell you even the pets, theyare reacting, that Reiki is flowing aroundus

It seems that once we start practicing Reikiso, the energy is kind of increasing in theroom, so sometimes the people or even theanimals or the objects in the same room theywill quickly react that they are absorbing ReikiSo like this way. Human, even they don’t know, orthey, don’t believe Reiki, it’s okay. You can stillwalk on them, but I think some of themasking this question they might have anotherquestion such as because they don’t liketo receive or they don’t think it’s working sothey will say to you that “. No thanks, I’m okay, I’m fine”. So what should I do next? I alsohave experienced like this before inthe past. So what happened to me? I feelvery frustrated. Sometimes I look at thepeople. They are in trouble. They are in pain or Ifeel like I want to help something. I want tohelp them to do something and then the next ideawas “ okay. So why not? I can practice Reiki on youbut. Sometimes even the people don’t know aboutReiki or they don’t understand. What is this andthen? It took too long to explain about Reikiand. Then after you explain, maybe people also won’tget this idea right.

Can I send distance <strong>Reiki</strong> even if people don’t believe in <strong>Reiki</strong>

Now why I practice Reikion somebody? I imagine I understand like this waybecause. I also want to practice. Reikii have worried emotion on somebodyfor example. I’M worried about someoneI think I should practice Reiki now because Iunderstand that, if I do distance Reiki on somebodyyou know who is receiving Reiki is not just thatperson, but I’m also receiving usually onceI started distance Reiki and I was almost finishingmy distance Reiki, I feel relaxed. I feel calmso it’s almost happening in the alldifferent levels, sometimes physically quitecomfortable emotionally, I find it less worryand, even uplifted and then mind level. So my wayof thinking can change as well. So I don’t have toworry too much about that person and then my way ofthinking seems that is really getting lighter. Ican shift myself very quickly.

But if I don’tpractice Reiki for a long time and then I’m kindof a stuck idea too long, feel that my attachmentcannot really let go and then i feel like a deadend like I have no way to progress, But onceI start practicing Reiki. My idea is changing. Myface may be changing and then my emotion alsochanging positively as well, so I totally convincedmyself. This is what I needed: it’s not really. I amhelping people, or sometimes people thoughtthat, i’m changing someone, but actually itdoesn’t happen like that way, because every peopleevery creatures need Reiki and then weshould think that Reiki is working already withyou. But sometimes, if you feel stuck like youyou, don’t know what to do. Then maybe wedoubt that our self-healing ability is not workingwell at the moment. So then, now is the time foryou to practice. Reiki to increase your flowor. Maybe Reiki flow is going to be startagain. So that’s what I imagineso. Yes, you can practice Reiki on somebody.I experienced many times like that, andthen. What happened to me and that person, so I canalso share more story about after I sent distance Reiki. So usually I don’t tell about “, I’m sendingdistance Reiki to you”. If I feel I don’t need it, I don’t tell them. I just secretlypractice, because this is for my own purposebut. Of course I try to get more communicationwith others, so sometimes I call them or I just start conversation. How are you doing usually Ido that and then I quickly notice that so what istheir emotion and what is their physicallevel? If I still feel that Reiki is needed, thenI try, practice Reiki continuously so Ido. This kind of you know feedback, gettingfeedback and they’re back on my practice and theysend again so usually I repeat several times yeahand. Then people are really gradually changing. So I want to say one word: Distance Reiki can helppeople, but I think this is also about trusting people. Trust people’s ability to heal

We all haveability to heal. We are not really forcing them tochange, or did I convince them to have to do that?

No, but I have witnessed that our healing abilityis raising everybody have this ability toheal and once you send Distance Reiki theirReiki energy is increasing the Reiki energyoriginally we have within our body already so weare, just assisting their energy flow, So I’mreally happy to practice. Distance Reiki everyday and then sometimes I have received a lot ofpositive feedback from my students or sometimesfrom my clients, but if you find it this, what I’mnot sure am I okay to practice like that or yeahso? Sometimes you don’t know what to do nextthen. You can ask me anytime and then, if I havesomething to share with you so i’m going to sharewith you again on YouTube. If you have anyquestions, you can ask me, leave the comment belowor. You can send me a message, but Ithink it’s good to share about the questions. Andthen Reiki is about sensation. So every time Irepeat again, Reiki is not just by thinking becauseif. You try to understand by just thinking issometimes very hard, because Reiki should have someactual sensation that you can only get by youractual practice. So I highly recommend you togo, to your practice. Maybe, with your teacher oryou can come to our zoom group Reiki or if you arein, Hong Kong, you can come to my practice. If youare in Canada, you can also go to Nasreen. Practiceyou should have some practice and then somegroup practice, which is really helpful. So you can check more details about thesessions in the comment section, so you cancheck the details later. That’S it for todayI hope this information helps and thenplease practice more Reiki and spend a happy life. Okay. So thank you and goodbye see you next time.

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