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Hi I’m Deborah King and I have a message of awakening for you today. I’M a master energy healer and a spiritual teacher, And over the last, nearly three decades. I’Ve been fortunate enough to practice energy healing and bring about real physical change in the lives of tens of thousands of people from all around the world, And one question that I’m asked all the time is: where do I get all the energy I have

Truly, I can work all day every day and just never get tired.

I just seem to get more energized, So you may be wondering yourself how you could access all this energy Today, I’m going to share what seems like a simple but is actually extremely profound and powerful technique with you that you can use in your daily life. Just like I do and if you become an energy healer like me, it’ll be an essential one for you to have So. This process is designed to activate a key point in your body and your energy field that will open and clear your channel to the unified field of all energy, also known as the divine, and it will allow you to focus your abilities to connect to the masters Of the universe,

So to do this, I’m going to attract, connect and transmit a field of energy to you that will awaken your inner energy healer For this exercise. You want to focus your attention on your thymus gland right here. Why the thymus, you might ask! Well, it’s a super-important place, It’s the seat of your spiritual development.

When it’s open and expanded and getting bigger, your thymus acts like a beacon that lets all the higher entities in the vast spiritual realm know that you’re working for the light It becomes your personal signature. So your thymus is located just midway between your heart chakra, which is in the center of your chest, and your throat chakra, which is in the center of your throat.

It’S right in between You can feel it a little bit.

It’S a little bit rounded. It sticks out a bit from your chest wall And if you can’t feel it, some people’s are hard to discern that’s, okay, You just imagine you can And I’m going to use my unbending intent. I’M trained to do this to activate your thymus today.

I’M just using intentionality, but in a very significant way, And in doing so I’m reaching out to you energetically and activating it now. I want you to visualize your thymus like it’s a flower, the color of pink quartz Feel it now opening and expanding, and opening wider and expanding further

Awaken Your Inner<strong> energy healer</strong> With This | Deborah King

You might feel warmth in the area.

You might sense a fluttering little feeling or perhaps you’ll feel like you’re, wrapped in soft, pink color, There’s no right way or wrong way to feel what’s happening to you right now, Just let it be and know that it’s occurring [, music, ]. So you’ve probably read that your thymus began to shrink about the time you were 16, but now you’ve reversed that dynamic and yours is opening and expanding, because I’ve just activated it Tonight or perhaps a night soon you may wake up and feel it tapping or pulsing

Now I don’t want you to worry, that’s actually a very good sign. My thymus pulsed, like that for years As your thymus continues to open and expand you’ll start to receive special initiations into higher spiritual levels.

You’Ll start to prepare for those initiations, So this is a really really significant activation.

This thymus opening also allows you to become aware of and start to use your unique spiritual gifts, and you have some very unique gifts that are just for you. Do you know what your gifts are? Maybe you can hear things or see things on other planes, Perhaps you’re very persuasive, and you can help people in that regard. Or maybe you have the gift of healing and it just needs to be activated.

Every person has their own unique gifts, just keep allowing your thymus to open. As you hear my voice And if you want to you can very very, very gently tap on it and intend for it to open further [ music ]. So the thymus is not only the seat of your spiritual development. As you know, it’s also the seat of your immune function. If your thymus got overwhelmed or fatigued by a lot of heavy emotion, it can interfere with your health.

So today’s the day you want it to be open and charged from here on out

And you’ll find this process not only serves as a way to protect you and keep you healthy, but it’s also an expert-level way to prepare yourself to give powerful energy healings. Now, as I initiate you into higher and higher planes of the spirit, I want you to continue to use this technique to activate and supercharge your spiritual development.

This will strengthen your bond to the pantheon of lightworkers that have preceded you, [ music, ],


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