A Fascinating Explanation Of Chakras & Our Unseen Bodies | Vigyan Bhairav | Gurudev

Among the 109 different centres, 7 centres are very important. First is base of the spine, The sacrum, that is where the energy starts in your body. If you talk to an Oesteopath, a chiropractor, they will all say sacrum very important. The craniosacral fluid it says. Cranium is your brain and then the brain fluids flows all along the spine and to the sacrum. So sacrum is the first point and then the second centre is behind the genital. The third centre is in the naval region near the solar plexes. If you do meditation, you, solar, plexes, becomes better bigger. This is also called the mid brain Half of the work of the brain. This does

What The solar plexes does So for yogis solar plexes is bigger, others, it is smaller If you meditate. This is expanding. When this expands. There is stability. There is joy, there is confidence, there is comfort, all those thing come And then fourth is just heart. Chakra Here from mooladhara from the base of the spine, twelve inches comes navel. This is more important. Of course, sex centre is also important, But it is important only in the middle age, From teen age to middle age. Only afterwards it loses its significance. Children, sex centre is not so important and also not in the aged person, But navel centre is important throughout from the birth to death right From there, 12 inches here heart from there 12 inches throat from here 12 inches in between the eyebrow from here 12 inches. So these are 7 points. Now Shiva says attention taking your attention from one to another chakra, you will start feeling the energy shooting from one to another In this movement of energy. You experience inner space And you experience the bliss of the inner space. When we take our attention to any one point, one chakra first, you don’t see anything, you don’t feel anything. You just feel the blankness. As you continue in the blankness, you will start feeling sensations Some vibrations sensations. So three stages here First is just blankness. Second, is some vibrations sensations And the third stage is light or energy full manifestation. That is little advanced stage. Right now, just take your attention there and do nothing just relax. Some thoughts may come. Some experiences may come whatever come you just let them come Shiva says you have 109 chakras in you, 108 in the body, one above the body. Our subtle body ends at the 12th inch. Our body is like a wick of the candle, and the glow is all around See, 20 years back or 15-25 years back. If you had spoken about biometrics, people would say it is a non-sense. Today you know about biometrics right. Only your thump can open your ipad. Only your touch can open your cell phone right.

That means each one of you have unique energy, unique stream of energy, And our mind is nothing but energy. Our mind is all around us When the mind shrinks. That is when we feel sad depressed unhappy. What is the sensation that is associated with happiness? When you see someone very close to you, what happens to you, Something expands right And you are blamed. You are insulted. What happens to you, Something in you shrinks. What is that? Something in you that shrinks that expands

That is your consciousness.

That is worth knowing. You know why people commit suicide, Because the subtle body the mind is shrinking. They do not know how to expand it And you put tablets all these anti-depressant body swells but mind keeps shrinking Appear to help for some time, but then… Suppose your jacket is too tight. What do you want to do?

You just want to take it out, Get out of that jacket Right. This is exactly what happens in depression and suicidal tendency. The mind is shrinking, and you just dont want to have this body You want to get out of the body. The body is too tight, But through pranayama breathing Sudarshan Kriya meditation. What happens? Mind expands When the mind expands when it reaches the 12th inch. You feel normal If it is bigger than that, you feel happier, And it goes even bigger. You are blissful. So all these strengthens our bio-energy Every night, when you sleep what is happening, your subtle body is expanding. It is in touch with your causal body, which is even bigger. So when you come out from there, you feel very energetic because your mind has found its expansion. So if you are highly stressed, your mind does not know how to relax even how to sleep to get into the higher self. So in ancient days people knew this. That is why the 12th inch is very important to the kings, who put a crown there. All the priests they put, this

A Fascinating Explanation Of Chakras & Our Unseen Bodies | Vigyan Bhairav | Gurudev

Why 12th inch All gods goddesses? They have this also, So the 12 inch above our head is called the dwadashanta. The 12th inch end of the 12th inch And most of the chakra is at the gap of 12 inches. There is 12 inches from the throat to in between eyebrows from there to top of head. It is again 12 inches From here to chest. It is 12 inches From here to navel is 12 inches. So if someone is sleeping, you dont have to shake them to wake them up Below 12 inches. You do something like this. They will wake up Wind string or percussion any of these instruments when you pay attention to it fully at the end of it the mind dissolves, But we dont know how to listen to music. I tell you When somebody is playing the music we keep talking. We are not listening to music, like in a meditative space. We are not listening to music to create a space within. We are listening to music to occupy our mind And music without words would be even better Words. Keep your brain engaged Your left brain engaged activated, But string instrument or flute instrument, very meditative. Even piano do for that matter, Listen to it for few minutes and then shut it down. This is also a technique that says you through the music and then you create the inner space and just enjoy the space within. It should not be too many instrument too many things at one time. Then it keeps us active.

It keeps the brain active, It has to be one small thing. Even different sound has different impact on different parts of the body. You know why some people, like some hard rock It activates the first chakra the base. Chakra Hard rocks big drums. So if you are dull, it does not allow you to be dull, It just pushes you up, Then you come to the navel centre. Then it is the string instrument Guitar something much lighter String instruments have an impact on the naval chakra And then you go further up in the heart. It is the flute instrument. Subtler You go higher up, you get even more subtler and subtler and subtler instruments And in the head bell Little jingle bell. You know when a child wants to go to bed, you put a rock music, a child cannot sleep In the temple in India. You will see how these instruments are organized There used to be 7 gates in the temple Outermost, they will have this beat drums And then, as you go inside inside, there is a gong And then you go deep inside. There is the bell and the counch, And if you enjoy silence, even small noise looks heavy for us So but to enjoy silence. These are all the ways. First, the base ones just wakes you up And then big horns and big instruments. Then you go further further. The string instruments, flute and then finally bells So for someone who is meditating, who is very sensitive, the rock big sound is very jarring, But people who are restless and depressed they find little happy joyful because it just pushes them out of it. It has a purpose.

So more refined, you are you like piano, music Piano is almost like the bell or the counch, and the subtle ones: subtle ones, subtle ones And move from the sound to the inner space of infinity. Meditation happens to you.

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