7 Reasons Why You May Need Energy Cord Cutting and How To Do It

Hello friends, Brandy here with Falcon Healing Arts. I hope you’re all doing well and welcome back to my channel. So, if you have heard about energy cord cutting and you’re wondering if this is something that you need or not, then this video is for you. I’m sharing the seven reasons why I think you might need energy cord cutting that you can consider. I’m also going to share a cord cutting meditation that you can do by yourself. I did cover this subject in my “For Your Authenticity Challenge,” where I also have an excellent guided cord cutting meditation, but I wanted to highlight this topic again in much more detail because so many people need it. Perhaps you do too.

If you’re a follower of my YouTube channel or my blog, then you’re probably pretty open to the idea that energy is the basis of everything. It’s how we relate to each other and everything around us, but you may not realize how affected you are by other people’s energy and the dynamic between you. Some connections can grow into cords, which are these thick, codependent connections between you two. In some cases, this is healthy, like with a parent and child. Of course, you need that strong bond. This strong connection between you, but that does tend to change as the child becomes older and more independent. But in other cases, especially between adults, these energy cords can be very unhealthy, dysfunctional, and limit our ability to feel independent and free.

So, if you want to experience the most joy in your life, and you want to respect that other people can experience that too, then it is important to be mindful of these energy cords forming and then to clear them as soon as possible. There are a few ways you can do it, either by yourself or with an energy healer. After we go through this list of why you may need energy cord cutting, then I’ll talk about the process that I believe is the most effective from experience. I’ll be clearing up some misconceptions too as we go through this list, and the one that I want to mention right off the bat here is that you can form energy cords not just between another individual, but it could be with a group, it could be with an organization, it can be with a substance. So, please keep this in mind as we’re going through this list.

The number one reason why you may need energy cord cutting, this is what I hear about the most, is that you’re having a hard time letting go of an unhealthy, toxic relationship. So, this is a relationship that is harming you in some way, and perhaps this is a romantic relationship that you’re having a hard time letting go of, but it can also be one that you have let go of, but you’re still thinking about that person constantly, or they are constantly reaching out to you, and it’s very hard to have your own space. There may be many reasons underneath why you’re having a hard time establishing boundaries. Perhaps you don’t want to shut them out completely, afraid that that may limit your ability to love or to be loved. There may be an underlying fear of being alone, and making excuses for the other person’s behavior keeps that cord strong. And sometimes, it may take another person saying something to you that this is not the way most relationships are for you to see that a change needs to happen. Staying connected to a toxic relationship often points to there being a deficiency in personal power, and you’ll need to consciously let go of this cord and any hooks that might be in you from this other person before you can start to feel that you have space and your power back.

The second reason why you may need energy cord cutting is that you don’t have your own identity. It can be wrapped up in someone else, and this is where you might find that you are too linked up with an organization or a team that identifies you. Without them, you feel less significant. If this could be maybe you’re a partner or spouse to someone who has an important role in the community, and you feel that your identity is linked up with them. So, this is where you may have an energy cord to an association or a separate identity or a role that doesn’t completely define you.

Number three is that you have addictive behaviors. If you can’t imagine living without someone or something in your life, then too much of your personal power is wrapped up in this person, place, or thing, and there is a cord preventing you from having sovereignty, from being in control. And this is one that you really need to be ready for to release this cord, this bond because of the immense emotional investment you have in this connection. So, for this reason, if you do have addictive behaviors, it is a good idea to be working with a practitioner who can help you clear these energy cords and also process what is happening underneath it, what is the root of this, why was it established in the first place.

The fourth reason why you may need energy cord cutting is that you are easily influenced or manipulated by this other person or thing. You may feel like you have less control in your life, that they are directing it for you, and this is where there’s not just a bond in between you, but it’s more like a hook in you, like they’re dragging you along, and you don’t have as much control. So, to get your personal power back, to feel sovereign within yourself, we need to let go of the hook and then cut or dissolve that bond.

Number five is that you feel energetically drained. You feel physically drained. You might actually be getting sick a lot as well. And this is because when we have this cord, it is taking away at least some of our personal power. We do not feel whole, complete, and we, therefore, do not experience true health.

The sixth reason why you may need energy cord cutting is that you are constantly thinking about the past, about a certain event that happened, a certain person you used to be with. There is this obsession with the past that is keeping you from living fully here and now in the present. You feel like you are stuck in your life, and this can also be wrapped up and mingled with the other reasons that I’ve already mentioned, with a toxic relationship or not having your own identity and such.

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