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Hello and welcome it’s Kelly, herefrom spiritualawakeningsigns.com, Coming to you today with one of our best masterclasses. Yet it’s all about Soul, retrieval.So, how to Heal Soul Loss and feel complete withinbecause. That is the result that you’ll be gettingfrom Soul, retrieval and don’t worry if you’venever heard of it before you’re, not quite sureabout, it we’re going to cover everything thatyou need to know and also covering. Why it’sso important for you as you’re, moving throughyour spiritual progression and your Ascensionprocess to really help you raise into those highervibrations and that higher Energy and align withthat? It’S going to be excellent, you’re going towant to have a paper and pen ready because there’sgoing to be so much information here that I knowthat you’re going to really know by the time thatyou’re finished today.

What that process is, and howto move through it in order to reclaim these lostaspects of self, so it’s going to be fantastic.So. The first thing that I want you to knowthe most important thing that you need to takeaway from this master class. Is that fragments, ofyour Soul? Have been lost, okay, that would be thetitle if we had to give it a title. It’S reallyimportant for you to know this fragments of yoursoul have been lost. This is what Soul Loss reallyis, and this is what it’s all about. You see aswe move through life, the intensity of that processwhether. It’S this lifetime, or even past lifetimesthe intensity of that process causes a bit of aspiritual dissociation where aspects of our Energyactually split off out of our Energy and attemptto protect us from upsetting experiences. Stressfulexperiences traumatic experiences, especially andit’s, really an attempt to protect us, it’s anattempt, to protect us from the intensity and thepain the emotional intensity of that event, andmaybe, even remembering that event at all now, it’sa concept, that’s known well within psychologyand. It’S it’s often talked about referred toyou know this splitting off of this psychewell we’re talking about it energeticallyand when that happens, when these parts of youkind of split off really what they’re doing isthey’re protecting you

But also it means thatyou’re not complete. Also, it means that you knowon some deep level that something’s missing So youmight have come through a traumatic experience. Andyou just feel like you’ve been broken. You mightfeel, shattered by the experience you might feelthat you’re. You know you just can’t pull yourselftogether. All of these things are indicators. Thatyour Soul actually knows that you’re that youyou’re suffering from Soul Loss that there’saspects of your Energy that are missingand that they need to be reclaimed.

Sothat, you can become whole once more. It’S reallyimportant that you listen to these aspects, ofself, those things that you voice, those thatfeeling, that you have that something’s missing.

This is all attempts by your Soul to let you knowthat. You are missing aspects of self that youneed to Heal and reintegrate these broken partsthese parts are holding all of the pain for youand. When you do that, you can really align withthat Healthy whole and more fully awakened aspectof yourself, it’s much easier to resonate witha higher vibration when you are complete, whenthere’s, nothing missing and, of course, it createsa totally different feeling within as well.We’ve got lots of different topics to Cover onthe impact that this has the Soul Loss, but whatI can tell you is that it happens to everyone. It happens to people going through spiritualawakening and those not going through spiritualawakening, and it’s really just a depletion, ofthe Soul. So we really want to repair that andto bring you back to oneness, which is very veryimportant, but first of all you might be wonderingif. You are suffering from Soul Loss,

It might be aquestion that you’re wondering if that’s somethingthat’s really happened and what would the signsbe Well we’re going to cover that, for you, Becauseit’s very rarely covered in Spiritual Awakening

Idon’T really know why, because it’s such a hugeaspect of it, but it’s very really coveredbut the intensity of painful stressful ortraumatic events can shatter your Soul‘s Energy.They really can have such a big impact. It’S justlike people say I had a broken heart. It’S like youcan have broken Energy. You can have a broken Souland, fragments of that Energy can be scatteredand. Ultimately, it can be lost.

So you know thatenergy just kind of gets broken up and it getsdisconnected from you and it’s still there holdingall the pain, but it’s not quite fully with youwithin and that’s really important your systemis protecting you. It’S absolutely. A positive thingyour system is protecting you from events. Thatare, really too painful or too upsetting to handleand. Of course, people like us who are on theawakening path, we were very sensitive for usuallyempaths, were very sensitive to intense painfulemotions, and we tend to hide away from that andthat’s, where the spiritual dissociation kicks inreally in a big way.

It’S an attempt to constantlyprotect us from this harshness of the world of the3D reality and how difficult that is to deal with

So ultimately, it’s a positive thing, but it canhave negative effects as time goes on. Becauseyou’Re depleted you’re, losing aspects of self, and quite often it can leave you feelingbroken. It can leave you feeling lostbut. Most importantly, the key factor isit’ll leave you feeling incomplete. So you justknow that something’s not quite right. You justknow that something’s missing. They are yourindicators that you are suffering from Soul. Loss.Now, like I said it’s ultimately a very helpfulprotection mechanism. It does really assistus as we move through life and we’re tryingto deal with the harshness of life, But as weapproach that full Spiritual Awakening and as wereach those higher levels of Ascension. We startto begin to recognize that something is wrong: onthe, Soul level. We start to notice that something’smissing that there are parts of us that arebroken or that are lost, and we know on somelevel that we can’t possibly truly awaken to thelevels that we should, unless these aspects, itselfare reintegrated and that journey to wholenessactually begins.

It’S really really important. Thatwe bring us back to that central space.

Nowthere are a few different things that can causesoul loss and it’s generally caused by damage.So. That’S the most important thing to know is thatit’s. It’S damage that causes the shattering ofthe Soul and this fragmented Energy that ends upgetting lost in lots of different parts. So hereare some of the things that tend to cause Soulloss Take a little lesson and see if you resonatewith any of these at all, So Soul, laws can becaused by damage such as a single stressful, eventor, long-term stress,

Okay, we tend to just keepgetting depleted over long-term stress. We losemore of ourselves. It can be caused by damage suchas, mental, emotional or even physical abuse. Okayshatters, the Soul breaks us down in some level.It can be caused by physical injury or illnessit can be caused by a single, dramatic experienceor. Multiple, Of course, if you’ve been through oneor many uh traumatic experiences, your Soul willdefinitely have that shattered effect.

Whenyou’Re worrying about the welfare ofothers, so if you’ve been caring for others, familymembers friends or maybe that is actually yourcareer, that Energy is actually depleting youbecause, you leave a little bit of yourselfwith every person that you work with andtalk to and, of course it can be caused. Bythe Spiritual Awakening process – That’s reallywhere we’re at now. It brings it all right up tothe surface and we really just have to find a wayto deal with it and move through

So if you’refaced with that, just now, don’t worry, there’sa very easy way to deal with all and you won’tneed a shaman or anything else like that, But we’regoing to cover all of that in just a little moment.And. The problem with Soul Loss is that weend up feeling, like I said, not only depleted depleted’s a big deal, but we feel depleted butwe’re kind of ill at ease with ourselves andultimately. We feel incomplete as a whole being andthat’s a big problem.

Now, Like I said, the spiritualawakening process purposely highlights all ofthese split-off aspects of the Soul, so it startsto awaken as to the fact that they are there andusually that happens through suddenly experiencingnegative emotions that you weren’t expectingor negative emotions that are eitherout of alignment with. What is you know, they’redisproportionate, with whatever it is you’re beingfaced with or negative emotion that seems to have no real cause? That’S usually when you know whatit’s coming up out of the Soul, it’s being purgedit’s being cleared, and it’s really got nothingto do with what’s going on right now, so watch outfor that

But Spiritual Awakening full spiritualawakening cannot occur, it absolutely cannot occuruntil, we are Healed until we have reintegratedall these fragmented parts of self and sothat. We can be complete once more. That’S themost important thing is finding that completionand. That’S what really gives you that centeredstability, that wonderful Energy that you see whenyou do when you do connect with spiritual, gurusor, other people that have been on this Awakeningpathway there’s a stillness and a centerednessto them, and it comes from really having allthose aspects of self completely with Youand fully integrated, very, very important

Now, thegood news is that you absolutely can retrieve andreintegrate all of those different aspects: ofself and you don’t need a shaman or anyone elsein order to do it. We’Re going to show you how inthis video

But let’s also talk about the signsthat you’re suffering from Soul Loss, so there area few key things that I find show up time and timeagain when I’m working with clients in sessionand. They are usually the indicator that Soul Lossis at play, So have a listen to these and see ifyou recognize any of these things within yourselfand that’ll. Let you know a little bitfurther if you’re experiencing Soul, loss.So four key signs that you’re suffering fromsoul loss. Let’S start with sign number one, So signnumber one is using terms such as I’m shatteredor, I feel so scattered or I was in bets over itor. Not together. You know, I’m just I’m not togetherat the moment. I can’t pull myself togetherlook at the language that you tend to use becausethat’s. What’S alerting you, it’s your Soul, alertingyou to this kind of brokenness, that is withinthe Energy, and I hear these type of termsbeing used in my sessions with my clients. Andquite often the client has no awareness ofwhat, it is their Soul is actually highlightingin that moment it’s like a throwaway statementto them. But to me I’m like: oh there we gothere’s some Soul Loss going on in this personit’s, the Soul, alerting you to the fact thatfracturing has occurred and Soul Loss is at play.

And that the Soul really longs to be repairedand to become whole once more, it’s the Soulletting, you know through you speaking, you don’trealize, you’re, doing it so watch out, for that andyou’ll also be able to listen out through itand other people as well. It’S a really reallycommon thing that happens:

So sign number two thatyou’re suffering from Soul Loss is that you feelbroken within you feel incomplete orlike. Something is missing, and this could besomething that has plagued you, your wholelife or it could be something that’s justmore recent and it’s a feeling that quite oftenarises, particularly in the beginning, stages, ofSpiritual Awakening. But it of course, can occurthroughout and what’s happening is as the Soulstarts to awaken. It begins to become more fullyaware of self. More acutely aware of the fact. Thataspects of the Soul are missing.

So your Soulreally has that awareness and consciousnessand this feeling is your Soul, calling you tofind these lost parts of yourself to find theseforgotten aspects of self and to feel completeagain to complete yourself and your Soul, byreintegrating them so that you’re, complete oncemore. So another key sign sign number three is thatyou, feel depleted or exhausted on a very deeplevel. Now this again is another really commonsymptom in Spiritual Awakening, and it quite oftencauses us to feel incredibly tired, no matter howmuch rest that we get. I’M sure that you guys willresonate with that, but it’s often because thewe’re sensing, the exhaustion of the Soul, it’s notreally about the physical body, it’s not about whatyou’ve done that day or how busy you’ve been oryou know how hard you work to the gym. It’S reallyactually about this Soul level, exhaustion that youare picking up on, and it really indicates a deepsoul depletion that only recalling those lossfragments of self is going to be able to replenishand replace

And that’s one of the other thingswe tend to feel like we’ve lost our life forceenergy we tend to feel just like you know. Thatspark of Energy and vitality within us is missingand. It’S because we’re not complete enoughto feel that that wonderful Energy, it’s justit’s, not there, things aren’t flowing rightso watch out for that And sign number four another common one in Awakening is that lifefeels empty. It feels pointless or even meaningless.When. My client tells me that their life feelsempty it’s a red flag for me that they aresuffering from Soul Loss

And it’s the result: ofbecoming disconnected from self that’s reallywhat’s happening, that’s causing that or havinglost too much of yourself energetically, So it’salready happened, you’ve been scattered for areally long time. You’Ve lost lots of Energy. Andit creates some. It creates not only a depletionof, the Soul, but a sense that everything’s kind, ofempty, there’s no meaning to anything itjust, doesn’t feel right. It feels so blandand. The thing is that vitality for life and thatsense of meaning can only occur when you regainthose lost aspects of self

Because that’s goingto create a sense of really knowing who isthat you really are, and it’s going to enable youto align with your unique Soul path or your Soulmission and, of course that’s the thing that thatjust revitalizes us completely. That’S the thingthat gives us this wonderful Energy and passionto move forward, and the thing that is that we feelis important to us the thing that we feel is inalignment with who we really are, so that you canknow yourself, and you can’t know yourself. Ifthere are parts of you missing, very important.Okay, so now, let’s get into our special three-stepprocess, I’m hoping that by now you will know forcertain whether you’re suffering from Soul Lossor, not if you’re still uncertain what I can tellyou is. I haven’t come across. Anyone who doesn’texperience Soul Loss, it’s just something thattends to be a kind of a side effect of living, it’sa side, effect of living, normal daily life, beingdepleted being kind of broken being shaped by yourlearning experiences. And, of course, the key thingto know is that it’s not just about this lifetimealone if you’re going through spiritual, Awakeningthere’s, a lot of scattered Energy that you’velost throughout trauma through all of your pastlives as well. And of course this is thetime that your Soul is really trying. Toalert you to the fact that these parts areall missing and it’s time to call them back it’s time to be you it’s time to reintegrateall the parts of who you are so that you can beabsolutely complete and within and oneness withinyourself, and that sense of ease and Centerednessreally only comes from calling all the Soulfragments back and what I found with spiritualeating. Is it’s not enough to do it for just thislifetime alone? You really need to call them backthrough all space and time that sounds likea big deal, but really energetically. It’S nomore difficult to do.

Don’T worry we’ll share howto do that just shortly, but you really have tosearch through all those past livesas well, so that any brokenness and anyexhaustion that kind of kept gettinggathered up as you move through yourlifetimes is getting Healed and repaired andreleased. So you can get your Energy back. Okayso, like I said, we’re going to coverour special three-step process.It is three steps to sole fragment, retrieval andwholeness within, because that’s of course the keythat’s, of course the place that we want to get toenergetically.

So by now, if you’re going throughsoul loss, you’re, probably really tired of feelingbroken and complete or like part of you, is missing.Now, of course, there’s a spiritual reason for thatlike. I said if that’s what’s going on, for you: Soulloss is a play Like we know, fragments of your Soulhave been lost and you need to call those parts ofyou back. All those broken off aspects of Energyyou need to call them back and Heal them. So thatyou can move forward and so that you can be wholeonce more

🦋<strong><strong> Soul</strong> Retrieval</strong>: How To<strong> Heal</strong><strong><strong> Soul</strong> Loss</strong> & Feel Complete Within | <strong>Spiritual<strong> Awakening</strong></strong>

I’M going over this as much as I canso I’ll repeat it a few times, because I reallywant to help you to grasp exactly how this partof the Awakening process works. Otherwise, you’llbe stuck with it for a really long time, and I cansay that from experience, you really need to makesure that you’re, calling these Soul fragments backotherwise. That feeling of brokenness will justcontinue for such a long time, and I know for meas. My Energy became more sensitive and Awakening Iwas able to really energetically sense, the brokenparts I was able to to to feel the pain, actuallyof, the broken parts, and it wasn’t until I starteddoing more Energy work that I realized. Thatit wasn’t just a phantom pain or discomfortit was actually my Energy shown me that part of mysoul was broken and it had to be Healed in orderto. Put me back together.

So you must must listento those aspects of self, because what I can say isthat, if you don’t what happened to me, willprobably happen to you and you’ll find that you’reyou’re living with that energetic discomfortfor a really long time. For me, it was three orfour years. I went through that until I reallygot a handle on it was like. Ah Energy Healinglet’s start clearing and Healing this. These brokenaspects of self start putting myself back together.And. It takes a bit of patience and it takes abit of compassion towards yourself, but you deservethat. You deserve to have all aspects of yourenergy completely with you and there’s no way thatyou can fully awaken without it. So don’t wastetime, don’t leave yourself feeling broken or thatpart of you is missing or feeling lost whatever itis. Don’T leave yourself in that state moveinto a space where you’re willing to Heal yourselfand, you can start to move forward in Awakening. Butit won’t happen unless you Heal yourself. Thesesymptoms and Awakening will just span as longas. They need to span for you to get to that. Placeof Healing

So better to do it sooner rather thanlater and save yourself a lot of pain because whatI can tell you is there are no medals, there’s nobadges of honor for how long you struggle throughawakening, that’s a 3D thing. The struggle is a 3Dthing. It doesn’t need to be that way, so, just comeon, let’s move through it. Let’S make things easierfor you and get you to your destination, which ismoving into Ascension moving into those higherrealms of Energy energetically, Okay, so three stepsto Soul, fragment retrieval and wholeness within

Now, like I said before, you know, aswe move through Spiritual Awakeningwe can end up with these lost Soul. Fragmentsthat causes this spiritual dissociation. Life can be really intense and we end up withaspects of the psyche. Energetically, splitting offand they’re kind of out here in your Energy theypull things into your law of attraction, theyactually manifest things for you, so you don’t wantpain and trauma and things sitting in your Energyfield. You want to get those cleared out, so thatyou can change. What’S actually resonating thatmay be the reason that you keep repeating thingsin your life, because these things are set in yourenergy field and they draw negative stuff backin. You want to get those cleared out.

But likeI said it can, leave you feeling broken andit can make. You feel incomplete, but fortunatelythe right time to really deal with that. Partof the journey and the right thing to beginthat journey back to wholeness is right. Now Soif you’re, going through a Spiritual Awakeningwhat. You need to know, like I said before, is itnaturally draws all of those lost aspects of selfright up to the surface, So you start experiencingtheir emotion, you start experiencing their pain. You start wondering why you’ve you’ve got newissues. You’Ve got no. You know you’ve got problemswith different things and why your emotionsare coming up so suddenly they don’t seem toresonate with anything, that’s going on aroundyou it’s because it’s so level pain,

At Soullevel upset and it’s these aspects of self thatyour Soul is becoming aware of and tuning intoand. It starts. You know purging through in yourdaily life, which can make things pretty hectic Iknow, but Spiritual Awakening naturally drawsthat up to the surface, and that means Soulfragments through this lifetime and past lifetimestoo, very important that you remember that it’s notjust this lifetime alone, because we’re kind of atthe End of all the lifetimes now we’re doing thelet’s review everything, we’ve doneand, let’s Heal and clear it and let’s move on

Okay, so that’s kind of more the space that we’rein so we’re having a review of this lifetime, losssoul fragments and past lifetimes, So it’s prettybig undertaking, But it’s really important thatyou that you take that you take the opportunitywhile it’s available to you.

It’S much much easierto do this when you’re going through spiritualawakening, when all these Soul fragments are sonear the surface, they’re really easy to access toheal and to clear. If you wait till after oryou, wait to a different point in your Awakeningwhat you might find. Is that you’re digging anddigging and you can’t quite get at them? The momentwill have passed so really what you want to do, ismake sure, if it’s happening for you now, if you’regoing through Awakening just deal with it and movethrough it and move on into the better the betterstuff there’s much better stuff on the other side, rather than dealing With all the 3d pain, um it’svery important, you start to move through that so that you can Heal and reintegrateall the different aspects of yourselfand reach that total wholeness

Don’T waste theopportunity, please don’t spend more time on itthan. You need to. You know, begin that journeyback to completion and move into the fun stuff.

You don’t need to stay here and all the difficultstuff move into the fun stuff and you can do thatwith our special three-step system. So three stepsto retrieve loss, Soul, fragments Heal your Soul. Andfeel complete You can do it in three steps: andit’s actually really easy. But what I’ll do is I’llbreak it down and then we’ll talk about it, a bitfurther, so you get a little uncertain about whereI’m going, don’t worry, just hold on and bear withme and we’ll get to it at the end. So step numberone is to locate missing Soul. Fragments.Okay, so this is the the traumatized partof, your Energy, that has split off, so that’s that’sreally. What you’re looking for is the missing Soulfragments, so the parts that split off in order toprotect you from the pain of a particular eventlike I said – could be from this lifetime. Could befrom past lifetimes there’s usually a lot frompast lifetimes that we’re carrying, which is oftenwhy Spiritual Awakening, can draw up a lot of painthat. We can always explain. That’S exactly whyit happens.

So the first step is to locate themissing Soul, fragments Step two is to releasethe trauma from the Soul, fragment Okay oncesorry often when I begin working with aclient and we’re working on a lost Soul. Fragmenta lot of emotion rises to the surface, so sometimesit’s shock. Sometimes it’s anger, fear tears, they’reall, really common reactions, as that encapsulatedenergy from the traumatic moment is finallyprocessed and that’s what causes the problem it’snot been processed. It’S not been released so itstays there as trauma in the system Once youprocess that emotion it just all. Dissolves andand you’ve released all that Energy that negativeenergy from your system too, which is really reallypowerful

It’S very important once that emotionhas been cleared, the fragment is Healed and it’sthen at ease and ready to happily be reintegratednow. The cool thing about this is, and I’ve workedwith this before, when you’re working on these Soulfragments, they are like fully functioning partsof. You we’ve worked with us many times over theyears when you’re addressing these aspects of selfthey. Just look like a fully formed part of you. It’S like a hologram, an energetic, hologram it’slike, a tiny snapshot of the whole, but thispart of you has been dealing with all the painso. You might find that they’re five years old andyou can connect with them and you can they’ll tellyou all about the pain and all about how upsetthey are and everything’s from their perspectiveof, where, where they’re at it’s, it’s reallyfascinating work. But you don’t need to know allthat stuff to work with that. We’Ve got a resourcethat’s going to help you to do all of that. Sodon’T worry about it.

But it’s just you can tellI’m really uh interested in it. It’S absolutelyfascinating and very powerful. Okay and step numberthree is to reintegrate the lost Soul fragment.So. The most important aspect of this entireprocess is to ensure that the Soul fragment thatwas split off that was holding all that trauma. Isfully absorbed again to become part of the wholeonce more and it usually results in what Ifound was a physical sigh or a deep breathindicating that that shift in Energy has beencompleted and the client usually has a feeling, ofrelief and peacefulness as that missing pieceis. Finally, returned now: most people – don’t realizethat they’re doing this, but quite often thatenergy shift as the Energy reintegrates. They canthey take a big sigh or the yawn there’s somesort of shift in the breath that you notice andthat’s, because this Energy is being reintegratedand you’re, actually releasing through the breaththe, the negative Energy that still needs tobe cleared. So that’s a really good indicatorwatch out for that. When you’re doingthe Healing, because that would reallylet you know some, not everyone does it, but mostpeople do now you’re, probably looking at thosesteps and saying well, how can we do all thosethings? I get the steps, but how do you do that? Well, we use Energy Healing. That’S always what wewould advise for anything to do with spiritualawakening is to use Energy Healing to work onthe level where the problems occurring and it’soccurring on the Soul level.

It’S the energeticlevel. You must must work with that now of courseif. You want to work with everything we’ve talkedabout today in the Soul, retrieval you can workwith an experienced shaman or an Energy Healingpractitioner who is well practiced in this areaYou can do that. Of course it’ll takerepeated visits, but you don’t have todo it that way or you can use our magic resourceand it’ll. Do it all for you quickly and easilywith, an Energy Healing meditation that you can useagain and again throughout your Awakening, processand beyond, and you can use it whenever solostrikes. So whenever you see those signs and youknow that you’re getting depleted, you can justrepeat the meditation all over again of courseit’s, not like standard meditation. It’S meditationwith Energy Healing built into it so that you arehealing, assumed it it’s very, very powerful, andyou’re, guided through the whole thing by me, it’svery easy, very relaxing.

So it is an excellentresource to have for your Spiritual Awakening tohave it ready when something like this comesup

So we’ll talk about more of that in just alittle moment. Let’S recap what we’ve learned firsttoday so that we can just have a little overview.So. The first thing that we learned was thatfragments of your Soul, have been lost. Thatthis is a common thing in Spiritual Awakeningand in life that these aspects of your Soulgo through trauma they go through stress, theygo through drama and they split off energeticallyas part of the psyche. Energetically, splits offan attempt to protect you from all of the painand trauma.

And what happens is then you’releft feeling incomplete your life feelingthat part of you is missing. You might even be leftfeeling broken because you’re aware that the Soulhas shattered on some level, the Soul, is not acomplete thing anymore. That Energy is different.

It can cause a lot of problems in life. Sothis is your Soul, alerting you to the factthat, you need to Heal and reintegrate thosebroken parts in order to become Healthy, wholeand complete once more and you need to Healand recall those broken parts of the Soulso that you can become that awakened higher selfthat. You truly. Are you can’t do it without thissoul retrieval process? It’S just not possibleto ascend. When parts of you are missing, We alsocovered what causes Soul Loss. We have damage suchas, a single stressful event or long-term stressmental, emotional or physical abuse, physicalillness or injury. A single, traumatic, experienceor. Multiple. Could be many worrying about thewelfare of others, because you tend to leaveyour Energy with them and of course, spiritualawakening definitely causes it just as standardit’s just part of the Awakening process, I’m afraidbut, ultimately a very wonderful thing for Healing.Then we covered four key signs that you’resuffering from Soul Loss so sign one wasusing terms such as I’m shattered. I feel soscattered I was in bits or I’m not togetherI can’t feel myself together.

Sign number two wasyou feel broken within you feel incomplete orlike. Something within you is missing. Sign numberthree is that you feel depleted or exhausted in avery deep level. Remember because it’s actuallysoul exhaustion, it’s not about the physicalthe physical being

And sign number four life feelsempty pointless or meaningless, because so much ofyou has been broken off and split and fracturedthat you. Actually it’s almost like energeticallyyou, don’t know who you are anymore, you can’treally align with anything and you don’t have thatvitality of Energy life force. Energy anymoreyou need to call those parts back to do that.And. Then we talked about three steps: toretrieve, those lost Soul, fragments toheal your Soul and feel complete Step. Onewas locate the missing Soul, fragments sochecking out where that is in your Energy. System.Step two is release the trauma from the Soulfragment. That’S the pain from the event thatlittle fragment is still holding on to for youand, protecting you from

And step three was toreintegrate that lost Soul, fragment so thatit moves back into your Energy, it’s fullyintegrated and absorbed, and it’s giving youall the Energy that you possess at your disposalit’s, very important for self-empowerment as well.

Now the good news is that you don’t needto go to Energy Healers, you don’t need totrain expensively. You don’t need the expensiverepeated sessions of the Energy Healers. If you’reready to get started on Healing Soul Loss rightnow, then you can check out our brand new Energyhealing meditation. It’S very very special thesoul, retrieval meditation and it’s specificallygoing to help you to do all those things: toreintegrate those lost parts of self to Healyour Soul and to help you to feel complete whilebringing back all that vitality of your life forceenergy. That’S really the great effect of bringingall these aspects of self back into your spaceand. Now, of course, you can get started in about 10minutes time.

It’S very quick and easy to get itgoing and we’ll be able to do so much Healingin such a short space of time. It’S actually veryeasy process to actually completely use Energyhealing, but it’s something that you you need tobe very specific about. So that’s something thatI’ve worked with for many years and I feel veryconfident that we can make a huge difference. Foryou Now you won’t find a Healing product like thisanywhere else.

Our meditations are a specialhybrid blend of meditation and Energy, Healingand activations and it’s the equivalent of aspecifically tailored Energy Healing sessionwith me because I work with the guides. I workwith a series of high vibrational spirit. Guideswho are dedicated to helping us on the Awakeningpathway, that’s their passion and their purposeis to help us get to where we need to goenergetically in our Awakening and of coursethey. Do all of that wonderful work for us Now, thismeditation is going to repair Soul Loss. It’S goingto reintegrate lost or split off aspects of selfand, the Soul. It’S going to Heal, broken aspects, ofthe psyche, it’s going to help you to feel completewithin and it’s going to replenish and revitalizeyour life force, Energy, very, very powerful,

So youcan take a little look below and see if it feelslike a fit for you. I hope that you’ve, enjoyedthis master class and thanks for watching …, bye,

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